Example sentences of "[noun] from [noun] [adv] over the " in BNC.

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1 Due to the obsession of most comparative sociologists with problems of measurement , all sight of a global system was lost in the mists of dubious generalization about a host of discrete variables from societies all over the world .
2 Erlich had seen nothing like it in CI-3 , in Washington Field Office , where each room had photos of wives stuck onto cork boards , of kids , postcards from vacations all over the world , cartoons , clippings of headlines and a huge blow-up of a quote from an English thriller writer : ‘ The most suspicious , unbelieving , unreasonable , petty , inhuman , sadistic , double-crossing set of bastards in any language [ are ] the people who run counter-espionage departments . ’
3 It is the same battle , in a new form , which dates centuries back , and which finds support from peoples all over the ‘ Third World ’ who have been fighting and dying for too long for something which is so clearly their birthright .
4 ‘ When our case was originally rejected we got calls from authorities all over the country saying ‘ What 's going on ? ’ . ’
5 Our advisory services answer thousands of queries from people all over the country .
6 The Pope 's 450-page draft text has been drawn up with the help of 24,000 suggestions from bishops all over the world .
7 Not only is she busy sending out subscription forms to the existing 220 members , she is also coping with the dozens of enquiries from amateurs all over the world looking to turn professional .
8 Representatives from countries all over the world met in Nairobi at the end of June to discuss the greenhouse effect .
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