Example sentences of "[noun] from [noun] [adv] [prep] the " in BNC.

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31 However , the company is still hauling 750,000 tonnes of potash each year from seams deep under the North Sea and is building up an increasing export market .
32 The Scottish Teacher Training Course , 1977–1983 was run by Rata Quick , whose notable memories include Scottish hospitality , her first taste of malt whisky , the view from Inverclyde across to the snow covered by skyline of Arran , worn Georgian stone stairs ( 80 to the top flat ) , friends founds and kept right up to the present day , and years of wonderful companionship in shared enjoyment of music and movement the Medau way .
33 These included everything from wind turbines to exploiting the heat from rocks deep under the earth 's surface , The phrase ‘ renewable ’ referred to the fact that instead of having constantly to supply new fuel from the earth , as with coal or nuclear materials , the energy source , such as wind or water , is constantly renewed .
34 ‘ Taylors have a certain amount of stock but she will be bringing extra samples from London especially for the show .
35 The Isla , which has drawn power from tributaries high in the Grampian mountains , then adds further strength from the likes of the Ardle and the Ericht before linking up with the Tay .
36 Representatives from countries all over the world met in Nairobi at the end of June to discuss the greenhouse effect .
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