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1 Due to the obsession of most comparative sociologists with problems of measurement , all sight of a global system was lost in the mists of dubious generalization about a host of discrete variables from societies all over the world .
2 The expansion of putting out , the great increase in coal and metal mining and in iron making , the rise of a permanent journeyman class in some sectors of craft manufacture and the emergence of new industries like paper making , commercial brewing and distilling — all emphasised a separation of labour from capital long before the advent of the factory system .
3 Heads can create their own clarity if they organize their time in such a way as to digest and weigh reports , views and experiences from sources either outside the school or inside the staffroom .
4 It struck him that it seemed weird that Leeds rejected continuous bids from Blackburn all through the season and then suddenly , out of the blue , accepted one .
5 Erlich had seen nothing like it in CI-3 , in Washington Field Office , where each room had photos of wives stuck onto cork boards , of kids , postcards from vacations all over the world , cartoons , clippings of headlines and a huge blow-up of a quote from an English thriller writer : ‘ The most suspicious , unbelieving , unreasonable , petty , inhuman , sadistic , double-crossing set of bastards in any language [ are ] the people who run counter-espionage departments . ’
6 I ask because I have been throwing out a raft of old notebooks and discovered some scrawled lines from years ago about the open air factor .
7 Bream from pegs upstream of the shipyard , including odd specimens to 7 lb 8 oz .
8 Ranulf had cursed his departure from London away from the young wife of a London mercer .
9 The second comment is that loadings on the 17.18 ex Salop train have been so good that the caterers are experimenting with extending the buffet service from Saturdays only into the week .
10 The only evidence from Britain apart from the pottery , is a small piece of sculpture from Lincoln and an inscription at Chedworth ( Prasina Factio ) the green company , referring to one of the four colours of the chariot races .
11 Both raw materials and finished products were all in bags — we unloaded the raw materials up until midnight then re-loaded the lorries from midnight onwards for the drivers to deliver the next day .
12 The link from London across to the Severn estuary reached its best-known stage with the completion of the Kennet and Avon Canal between 1794 and 1810 — the only major canal across the south .
13 I 've taken someone this afternoon from Highdown just until the half term when they should go to a special school .
14 It is the same battle , in a new form , which dates centuries back , and which finds support from peoples all over the ‘ Third World ’ who have been fighting and dying for too long for something which is so clearly their birthright .
15 ‘ When our case was originally rejected we got calls from authorities all over the country saying ‘ What 's going on ? ’ . ’
16 I 've always made a point of borrowing money from women early in the relationship so as to give them a hold over me .
17 Our advisory services answer thousands of queries from people all over the country .
18 The Pope 's 450-page draft text has been drawn up with the help of 24,000 suggestions from bishops all over the world .
19 Director No. 62668 ‘ Jutland ’ enters Victoria with a local train from Nottingham probably around the time these engines were given a brief return to service from storage at Staveley in 1961 .
20 It 's especially valuable to get comments on the modules which are in the Programme of Work for that year or the coming year because then we can feed comments from practitioners straight to the Module Development Group .
21 Following the welcome change in Kenya 's constitution towards a multi-party democracy , and in view of the unhappy news from Kenya yesterday of the repression of demonstrations in Nairobi , will the Minister not only advise that country on the international standards of multi-party democracy , which she has ennunciated from the Dispatch Box before , but suggest that , in order to disarm such demonstrations , it is time that the Government start a dialogue with the Opposition on both the timing and ground rules for an election ?
22 Sedimentary rocks , unaffected by metamorphism , crop out in an area from Stornoway eastwards to the Eye Peninsula and northwards along the coast to Vatisker Point .
23 Using the cable link , you can transfer ( download ) any stitch pattern from DesignaKnit directly to the knitting machine .
24 On joining the nearest Brownie Guide Pack , she was delighted to find two other girls from Scotland already in the Pack .
25 You probably could n't say the same for Howard Kendall — the Everton manager tried in vain to sign the big fellow from Luton earlier in the season .
26 Not only is she busy sending out subscription forms to the existing 220 members , she is also coping with the dozens of enquiries from amateurs all over the world looking to turn professional .
27 I had a letter from LAPTC yesterday about the threatened closure of Garstang Magistrates ' Court .
28 Spurs ' best effort in the first period was a 25-yard shot from Gray just beyond the far post , though Samways tested Rees with a low effort from the left .
29 On arrival at the Salters ' Hall the guests , many of whom had travelled by bus from Shropshire especially for the occasion , were greeted by Sir Peter and Lady Gadsden and Mr and Mrs Alan Henn before everyone went in to dinner .
30 Jacobs and Kinsella makes it clear that the consideration which courts must now take into account is not whether a custodial sentence was necessary to protect the public from offenders generally of the same type , but whether it was necessary to protect the public from a particular offender .
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