Example sentences of "[noun] [prep] [noun pl] [adv] over the " in BNC.

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31 I 'm interested in the role of women all over the world , particularly in terms of what effect development strategies have had on women 's position , not merely in India but in other parts of the world as well , because I feel that there are a lot of common experiences which impinge on the problem as it relates to India .
32 As director of the Lucerne Festival , and principal conductor of the London Mozart Players , as well as a regular guest conductor with orchestras all over the world , he is well placed to promote the cause .
33 The Pope 's 450-page draft text has been drawn up with the help of 24,000 suggestions from bishops all over the world .
34 Thus , UDC has been extensively employed in special libraries and information centres in locations all over the world since the early 1900s .
35 This was the pattern in wetlands all over the country until the Reformation .
36 It gives access to all sorts of information , whether locally provided , or by remote access to systems all over the world .
37 Which means in future keeping track of methane levels at sites all over the country could take no more thanb a simple phone call .
38 Another notable promotion , to the trade this time , involved Picador 's sending pairs of pink knickers to booksellers all over the country — mostly men — to promote Tama Janowitz' new novel , The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group .
39 We assist in the movement of products and raw materials between nations all over the world .
40 One only has to look at the diminishing casts in productions all over the country .
41 You will be seeing more of our vision on roads all over the world , wherever you see the new Toyota logo .
42 Dee makes plenty of long journeys to clubs all over the country usually in a hired Ford Fiesta , as he does n't own a car .
43 Much of the syllabus has become part of the training of dancers all over the world .
44 The South West Region plays host to a vast number of divers all over the country .
45 ‘ We have lost a lot of ponds all over the country , so the ones we do have are even more important as wildlife habitats . ’
46 The society grew rapidly and Mary Sumner , an indefatigable letter-writer , kept in touch with members all over the world .
47 From the minutes of the meeting of 15 January , it seems that the society was already in touch with correspondents all over the United Kingdom .
48 It did n't help that Mom had candy and nuts in dishes all over the house .
49 For here was an ordinary average crowd of Air Force youngsters , neither better nor worse than their compatriots in squadrons all over the world .
50 And , after some 40 exhibitions in cities all over the world , she can boast that every one of her 1,000 well-loved paintings has been sold , apart from a few she has deliberately reserved for herself .
51 Not only is she busy sending out subscription forms to the existing 220 members , she is also coping with the dozens of enquiries from amateurs all over the world looking to turn professional .
52 Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas all over the world ? 02 .
53 This simple account of cattle-raiding followed by an expedition to punish the thieves explains the situation on frontiers all over the world , and of course these punitive expeditions ( which sometimes took the form of pre-emptive strikes by people who wanted to get their retaliation in first ) were carried out without consulting any central government .
54 His mother had said that it was all very well to mock but she had stood many long hours at auctions all over the city finding the right pieces .
55 The project is already fully booked for the next year for children all over the county studying the Victorian era as part of the national curriculum .
56 Questions similar to this one seem to occupy an inordinate amount of the energies of scientists all over the world , not to mention grouses about the shortsightedness/injustice/lack of imagination of a straight thumbs down to a researcher 's pet proposal .
57 The station has broadcast a couple of times legally over the past year .
58 They often find it easier to deal with an agency rather than directly with someone , ’ said a spokesman for Poppies , the Darlington-based company with franchises all over the country ( –444 ) .
59 No one can deny that millions are made to suffer and die each year in laboratories all over the world .
60 He extends this argument from spoken forms on radio and film and television to the new vitality to be found in the use of English in countries all over the world .
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