Example sentences of "[verb] [adv prt] for the first time " in BNC.

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31 In a million bathrooms , pores breathed sighs of relief as the trowelled-on layers of moisturiser , foundation , blusher , shaper , powder , eye liner , eye shadow , mascara , lashes , and lipstick were scraped off for the first time in decades .
32 Ho looked round for the first time at the massed ranks of Glories with their headlights blazing , and the two figures , stark in the hard glaring light of those headlights , seated opposite each other at the stone table under the Monument .
33 The specifications of November 1939 became a reality just 43 years ago , when a CW pump evacuated model with sealing wax joints was switched on for the first time at the end of February 1940 , and operated successfully .
34 As a climax , you could arrange for some of the room lights to be switched off one by one before the tree-lights are switched on for the first time ( test them first ! ) .
35 For instance , a LAN operating system like NetWare or an appropriate environment like Windows for Workgroups can be largely pre-installed at the factory , with the remaining configuration being done via a fill-in-the-blanks , sign-on display when the thing 's switched on for the first time .
36 He had one fight in 1984 and was knocked down for the first time in his career .
37 In the hospital , sitting up for the first time in several days , he had watched the doctor anointing an old man who would have made a superb St Jerome : ‘ a thin , long , sinewy brown wrinkled body with such very distinct and expressive joints that it makes one melancholy not to be able to have him for a model . ’
38 At his first school , Stockwell Junior School , David dressed up for the first time in a school nativity play .
39 This document sets out for the first time an integrated policy and management system , with the emphasis on continuous improvement .
40 But in three short years the following essential features of creative sound were worked out for the first time : cut-and-splice sound editing ; dubbing mute shots ( i.e. providing library sounds for completely silent bits of film ) ; quiet cameras ; ‘ talkback ’ and other intercom systems ; ‘ boom ’ microphones ( so the mike could be placed over the actor 's head and moved as necessary ) ; equalization ; track-bouncing ; replacement of dialogue ( including alternative languages ) ; filtering ( for removing traffic noise , wind noise , or for simulating telephone conversations ) ; busbars for routing controlled amounts of foldback or reverberation ; three-track recording ( music , effects , and dialogue , any of which could be changed as necessary ) ; automatic volume limiters ; and synchronous playback ( for dance or mimed shots ) .
41 In April 1983 , however , the main features of a draft agreement on a comprehensive settlement of the Afghan question were worked out for the first time during the United Nations-sponsored talks in Geneva .
42 THE PRINCESS of Wales last night spoke out for the first time about the ‘ untrue and hurtful ’ allegations about friction between her , and the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh .
43 The Army and Navy have moved significantly down the path towards contracting out and have very few contracts left to be put out for the first time .
44 ‘ I said if we did n't win this time we 'd abolish the b + + + + + + , ’ says Dixon , digging in for the first time since his Army days .
45 Second-row Jackson was sent off for the first time in his career along with South Wales Police hooker Colin Hillman after the two were caught wrestling off the ball .
46 In some parts of the south-east , groundwater levels are lower than at any time since records began 200 years ago , with some boreholes in the Chiltern Hills drying up for the first time since they were sunk last century .
47 The Institution 's structure was then expanded from three to four Divisions , and building surveying was singled out for the first time , and referred to as IIIB ( Division III , Building ) .
48 Thus competition is singled out for the first time as the chosen mechanism for ensuring the public interest .
49 As it turned out the final Report , published in 1889 after almost five years of investigation , did embody a number of recommendations regarding the education of deaf children in future Education Acts , thus setting out for the first time proper legislation with regard to compulsory entry , ages of admission , the length of education , the size of classes , and even that Principals/Headmasters of boarding institutions had to reside on the premises .
50 The serious Christian , set down for the first time in a Christian community , is likely to bring with him a very definite idea of what Christian life together should be and try to realize it .
51 Outside his ears picked up for the first time the rustling of invisible leaves and the rattle of window-frames : the wind was rising .
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