Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] at the same time " in BNC.

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31 Next Computer Inc is going try to stage a NeXTWorld Expo without leaning on Uniforum by holding it at the same time like it did last year .
32 both , really I think they both hit you at the same time
33 But someone was saying something at the same time as Lord Boddy , making him falter and finally stop in midstride .
34 Mr eleven year old son offered to help so one of the put a gun to him and forced him to lead them to him threatening him at the same time .
35 So you could , yeah , you 've got his telephone number anyway , so you can also phone him at the same time .
36 So while helping my old friend , I would be losing him at the same time .
37 The conclusion that there was not going to be any hit him at the same time as Rincewind , whirring wildly down the passage , kicked him sharply in the groin .
38 Tonight she was to chair the meeting , so she left the front door unlocked for any late-comers , and , having seated the nervous little reporter from the Advent in a position where she could see and hear all the ladies present , giving her at the same time a hastily written list of the names of those expected to attend , she called the meeting to order .
39 Sensibly , but with some sensitivity , her boss made the same points to Muriel as he had made in his reference , asking her at the same time if these conflicts had ever arisen out of the office with family friends or neighbours .
40 It seems unlikely that William Joyce would not have known it at the same time .
41 I wanted us both to read it at the same time . ’
42 Do you just have it at the same time ?
43 I needed more of the thinner timber , but I ca n't fetch , chop and feed it at the same time . ’
44 And Glenn Close 's stubborn and pain-ridden performance as Sunny makes you sad for her and hate her at the same time .
45 The following involves everybody at the same time .
46 Saw them at the same time , change of address .
47 I doubt if at present you can have it reregistered on an age related basis , but when you write to DVLC ask them at the same time .
48 Ah , did you press them at the same time ?
49 They saw him at the same time as he realised he had n't understood what the man had said .
50 Everything seemed to be changing , and this excited and worried her at the same time : she thought about it so much that her face had a permanently screwed up , wondering look .
51 They were almost shouting at one another , and both seemed to realise it at the same time .
52 A series which is broadcast each week has a number of features designed into it to help viewers recognise " their " programme and encourage them to watch it at the same time every week .
53 This not only keeps it in place , but it also feels nice for your partner and means you can stroke yourself at the same time .
54 Here you are trying to have your cake and eat it at the same time
55 Using a small amount of bleach to clean lavatories probably wo n't do any harm , but avoid using it at the same time as other materials ; dangerous chlorine could be released .
56 People will still receive them at the same time the story appears in the newspaper .
57 But I ca n't afford to get it at the same time anyway cos he he wo n't be down
58 I reproach myself at the same time .
59 It 's great to see those guys out here , giving pleasure and enjoying themselves at the same time .
60 Like some of your more illustrious colleagues ( Ron Atkinson , Graham Taylor , etc. ) , you have a tendency to say a lot but to say nothing at the same time .
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