Example sentences of "'ve [adv] been " in BNC.

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31 ‘ We 've all been in trouble with the police and all that malarkey , but that 's all part of growing up .
32 Ever since the Mountbatten thing , they 've all been nervous of the publicity .
33 We 've all been trucking along for so long on the back of the post-war consensus ( more growth , more production , more consumption , more jobs , more energy , more roads , more hospitals , more rubbish , etc ) , that most people are understandably reluctant to get off the treadmill — even though they can see it 's falling to pieces .
34 There was no comfort in that result , a vote against industrial action , even though it confirmed the suspicion that gone are the old ways of fighting the class war that we 've all been raised on and still have the power to excite me .
35 None of them has been offended ; they 've all been fantastically enthusiastic and supportive . ’
36 ‘ They 've all been round , ’ he said , after telling Harcourt of his accident .
37 ‘ You were very tired , ’ Adam said , ‘ and we 've all been worried about Elinor . ’
38 ‘ We 've all been longing to see him .
39 We 've all been through it .
40 ‘ They 've all been thinking , ’ he said .
41 Being an inveterate story-teller , Mira is quick to remark on the degenerate effect the dominance of the media has on personal development : ‘ Gradually all our secret treasures have been removed and we 've all been made to share the same abstracted and alienating public knowledge ’ ( 111 ) .
42 Which , Zab would cut in , we 've all been all along anyway , but in our heads , not on paper .
43 ‘ I 've bought a number of good-quality second-hand items and they 've all been excellent value .
44 They 've all been very responsible and they seem to have loads of energy and a sense of fun , which is essential if they 're babysitting for my three-year-old during the day .
45 ‘ I think we 've all been rather turning our minds away from that one , ’ brayed Canon Wheeler , embarrassedly eyeing the unfortunate arrival of the boeuf en croûte .
46 ‘ You 've all been playing games with me . ’
47 They 've all been my way , Meredith — tall , short , slender , curvy , and every one of them with one big fat sin motivating their pretty heads and bodies .
48 We 've all been waiting for you for hours . ’
49 I supported the lifting of sanctions , but the avalanche of death and blood has made me realise we 've all been conned ’ .
50 We 've all been worried about her .
51 Here are the selections we 've all been waiting for .
52 I would n't bother — they 've all been done . ’
53 and now the moment you 've all been waiting for … if of course you entered our Christmas cracker competition … the answers and the winners
54 We 've all been overtaken by someone going too fast and too close to the vehicle in front . ’
55 They 've all been waiting for more than 2 years for plastic surgery at Stoke Mandeville hospital near Aylesbury .
56 They 've all been released without charged .
57 They 've all been partially excluded from mainstream schools , where they found it hard to fit in .
58 They 've all been listening to the trainer .
59 Eighty two staff at the Sainsbury 's supermarket on Tewkesbury Road in Cheltenham have contracted what 's thought to be a virus infection that causes fever , aches and vomiting.They 've all been sent home , and staff from other stores have been drafted in to keep the supermarket open.Tests are being carried out at the public health laboratory in the town to identify the illness.But Cheltenham 's Assistant Chief Environmental health officer says shoppers at the store should n't be worried about the outbreak :
60 You realise they 've all been at it a lot longer than I have .
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