Example sentences of "he [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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61 Iago has led Othello to where he had predicted , caused the people he hates to destroy each other .
62 This apart , he hates to pick them , preferring to drink in their beauty in the confines of his greenhouse .
63 He hates shopping on a Saturday .
64 He hates to stick and ball .
65 Oh as he said something , he loves driving , but he hates driving in London .
66 But the planners he hates watched unscathed as he mistakenly attacked the housing department 50 yards away .
67 He hates sitting on the beach ; does nothing but moan . ’
68 Choose a particular chore that you know he hates doing , such as mowing the lawn , weeding the garden or putting the dustbin out , and offer to do it yourself .
69 He hates waiting .
70 He hates to think of me having a good time , ’ said Camille .
71 But he hates to think what would have happened if Joyce had n't been there .
72 Why he plays Does he play with toilet paper ?
73 Do not be fooled by the cheeky chappy grin and baggy jumper — Richard Branson may not play by the rules but he plays to win .
74 I do n't think he realised learning the facts of life was precisely what most of us would do if we stopped demonstrating and went back to bed .
75 Whitehall sources said he realised cancelling might damage the pound .
76 If Rohan needed to have a private word with her , why had n't he arranged to see her at the house instead ?
77 Does he want to move from the city to a farm in Scotland ?
78 So , he WAS wanted , he supports Leeds , he s lived in Leeds all his life , why else would he want to move if not for financial reasons ? ? ?
79 Was this the end or would he want to dance some more ?
80 ‘ What does he want to interview you for ? ! ’
81 He did not want to bring her in to talk to him , nor did he want to interview her in the presence of her devoted but sharp-eyed husband .
82 If he is really concerned about unemployment , why does he want to cripple British industry by bringing back flying pickets , by encouraging mass pickets , by returning trade union immunities , with all the difficulties that we saw in the 1960s and 1970s ?
83 That is why licence powers are being used to control it and why this Bill , soon to go to Committee , will give the director general still more powers , should he want to use them .
84 And besides , I must be all right ; did n't he want to talk about my chest ?
85 Why did he want to hold his peace ?
86 Why did he want go to finish
87 Robert did n't want to talk to the engineering master , but neither did he want to go out after Aziz the janitor , who , in their first conversation in the Frog and Ferret , had made pretty clear not only his low opinion of infidels but also his readiness to use cutlery on other human beings with whom he disagreed .
88 ‘ Why did n't he want to go ? ’
89 The temptation to evade the truth was suddenly almost more than Harry could bear , so achingly did he want to go home .
90 Green , did n't he want to go for grey ?
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