Example sentences of "he [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 Leeds worked hard to use the sources to provide a chronology of the development of brooch types ( 1933 ) and the extremely dubious assumptions he made have coloured a great deal of thinking to this day .
32 Look at the mess he made making a cup of tea .
33 One remark he made puzzled me .
34 There was the speech he made asking people to listen to his point of view .
35 Again he made to rise .
36 He made to rise , in order to conclude the interview .
37 She turned to glare at him and made an effort to resist as he made to propel her into the passenger seat .
38 He also — as a by-product of the grant he made to repay the monks for the loss of their plate following his aid to Rufus in 1095 — provided money for the rebuilding of the cathedral choir on a greatly enlarged scale .
39 As he made to step down from the verandah he heard a footfall behind him and turned to find Lepine , already immaculate in his white suit , ready to leave .
40 He made to stand , but yelped at the stabbing in his knees .
41 Celtic did have the ball in the net in ten minutes , but Frank McAvennie was clearly offside when he pounced to beat Theo Smelders from eight yards .
42 He lived to paint .
43 The difficulty with writing it down was that it became real to the extent of being in a book , there were two lives , the one in the book and the one which he lived to collect the details for the book one ; he could go further in his head than on the page , the words slowed him down .
44 Already one of the trumpeters-in-ordinary from 30 March 1688 , he seems to have joined the court band as a musician-in-ordinary in 1695 ; he became serjeant-trumpeter in 1707 on the death of William Shore , his uncle or , less probably , brother , and he lived to serve George II .
45 He lived to slay .
46 The Rhodian aristocratic merchants among whom he lived had hierarchy , but not extravagance .
47 The new renown of Walter Machin and the heady publicity which had resulted for the town in which he lived had suggested to the Arts Club committee ( a mixture of the local genteel and the local far left ) that a retrospective of the work of his stepson might neatly capitalize on the widespread interest .
48 But he lived to reflect on what he described as the ‘ luckiest escape of my life ’
49 However , by the grace of God , he lived to see , in the ‘ Glorious Revolution ’ of 1688 , the downfall of his persecutors .
50 He lived to see the headquarters of the organization to which he had devoted his life established in purpose-built premises on the site at the National Water Sports Centre .
51 Author of The Road to Serfdom , published — impossibly ill-timed — on the eve of Labour 's great victory in 1945 , he lived to see the crumbling of communism ; the destruction , as no doubt he saw it , of collectivism 's inner citadel .
52 He lived to see South Africa bend instead .
53 The plan was to build a building and to endow it , and though we are very sad that Dr McDonald died before he lived to see his schemes carried through , he approved all the building designs , and made very full provision in his will , as he had promised .
54 Deteriorating eyesight compelled him to give up painting in 1975 , but he lived to see the beginning of a major revival of his reputation .
55 Nicholas received them all himself , saying that ‘ It might be hoped that they came for their own good or his own , for he lived to make himself or others better . ’
56 He did n't just eat to live that horse , he lived to eat , which was obvious when you saw how fat he was .
57 During the eight short months that he lived following his resignation , he was plagued by a sense of foreboding that the future would hold a similar fate for himself .
58 He lived to tell the tale .
59 When it was decided that Mr Brown would soon be fit to go home , sister contacted the warden of the flats in which he lived to discuss arrangements with her .
60 He hates eating duck full of birdshot .
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