Example sentences of "be [vb pp] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 If he wins a subsequent bout also by disqualification , then he must be withdrawn for his own safety , since it is obvious that , in this tournament at least , he is not protecting himself adequately .
32 If the pupil needs to be withdrawn for specialist teaching for a substantial amount of schoolwork , unit provision has a lot to offer .
33 Sotheby 's then heard from Michael Hebecker , Director of Schlossmuseum Gotha , informing them that , while the auction house had behaved fairly and correctly in offering the picture to the museum first , the permission to sell the Wtewael had been granted in his absence and with neither his knowledge nor consent , and asking them if the picture could be withdrawn for the time being .
34 Some analysts claimed that the system intensified work discipline and stress ; for supporters , EPoSS enabled management to identify staff who needed to be withdrawn for ‘ training ’ .
35 Sight deposits are any deposits that can be withdrawn on demand by the depositor without penalty .
36 Now , less than 12 months later we are told it is to be withdrawn on February 23 .
37 However , he refused to attach too much importance to these since they could be withdrawn at any time unless they were passed into law .
38 They earn interest in dinars , calculated at the current exchange rate , and the principal can normally be withdrawn at any time in the given foreign currency .
39 If your invalid parent is admitted , however , and payments of the attendance allowance is withdrawn , your invalid care allowance will have to be withdrawn at the same time , and you should immediately notify the Invalid Care Allowance Unit , Department of Health and Social Security , North Fylde Central Offices , Norcross , Blackpool FY5 3TA .
40 Only a small fraction of a bank 's total deposits will be withdrawn at any one time , and banks always make sure that they have the ability to meet their customers ' demands .
41 Money at call is money which can be withdrawn at only a few hours ' notice .
42 The Pathfinder Force should be on a different basis and these should consist of 45 sorties , but crews could be withdrawn at any time after the completion of 30 sorties .
43 63,000 claims to be withdrawn following investigation by Employment Service inspectors
44 Although the rates on GIBs do tend to lag behind general market rates , fast action is often necessary to take advantage of opportunities — when interest rates fall , issues can be withdrawn without any notice , and replaced by a new issue offering a much lower return .
45 All or part of the investment can be withdrawn without notice or penalty , provided the minimum balance stays at £10,000 .
46 A bankruptcy petition , put before the court and registered on the court file , can not be withdrawn without the court 's permission , so presentation of this kind of application should not be undertaken lightly .
47 – account , money deposited in a bank , not to be withdrawn without notice , on which interest is payable .
48 A petition can not be withdrawn without the leave of the court ( s 266(2) ) and leave will not be given before the petition is heard ( r 6.32(3) ) .
49 Thus if an individual is to be deprived of a benefit which was enjoyed in the past , and which he could legitimately expect to continue , or he has received assurances from the decision-maker that such a benefit will not be withdrawn without giving him some opportunity to argue the contrary , then in either instance an opportunity for the individual to make representations will be accorded .
50 The pilot scheme can only be used by consenting parties which consent can not be withdrawn without leave of the court .
51 On 3 May he protested that Alexander 's troops were entering areas already liberated by his forces , and requested that these should be withdrawn behind the line of the river Isonzo .
52 A contestant may withdraw , or be withdrawn from a competition through injury .
53 Cash can be withdrawn from the usual Midland Bank , NatWest , and TSB machines .
54 When Sotheby 's told the owner that both pieces would have to be withdrawn from sale , he decided to withdraw his collection .
55 Under the title Strategic Force for the 1990s and beyond , and drawn up by army chief of staff General Carl Vuono , the plan calls for an entire army corps to be withdrawn from Europe , and for the US Army to be cut from 764,000 men to 630,000 .
56 In Britain , two months earlier , the government had decided in a last-minute about-turn that its nuclear power stations , once the shining lamps that would light the way to the sustainably developed future , were unsaleable and so would be withdrawn from privatization of the electricity industry .
57 After calling for non-Muslim forces to be withdrawn from the Gulf , they cursed the Saudi Arabian government for inviting them there in the first place , and took a side-swipe at Israel for having occupied the West Bank in 1967 .
58 His first step was to request that all copies of the European Vehicle and Components ’ Plan be withdrawn from circulation .
59 Therefore , because it is unlikely that there will ever be revised editions , and because I should just hate to see my name on anything that could not be relied on , the probability is that the books will progressively be withdrawn from publication after a currency of a few years . ’
60 We are demanding that British , US , and other foreign troops be withdrawn from the Gulf immediately and that a peaceful solution be sought to the crisis .
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