Example sentences of "i 've [be] " in BNC.

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31 I 've been wondering , now it seems , well , you 're leaving , why did you turn Socialist ?
32 D'ye know Steve , I 've been thinking .
33 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
34 I 've been to something like two dozen breweries in Belgium .
35 I 've been farming for the last 70 years and never seen anything like it . ’
36 This month I 've been inundated with more questions about dog foods , and feeding in general .
37 We walked past a tanker where a huge man named Andy Matthews was pumping vinyl acetate into a 10,000-gallon vat , wreathed in its sweet , sickly smell : ‘ I 've been here two years , ’ he said .
38 I 've been a Lions fan for about 15 years and it 's great to see the look on the tourists ’ faces when I walk around Bangkok in my ‘ No One Likes Us We Do n't Care ’ T-shirt , ’ wrote Mr Barrett .
39 I 've been told he paid the widow money .
40 I 've been involved in a few of these things but I 've never seen anyone bring it up to the level he did — he turned it up a few notches . ’
41 I 've been on automatic pilot for 25 years .
42 But now my personal life has been … simplified , and I 'm back two doors away from where it all started , maybe I 've been offered a new beginning . ’
43 I said all this to Alison , and I 've been saying it to her ever since , and , back in London , I 've been saying it to anyone else who 'll listen .
44 I said all this to Alison , and I 've been saying it to her ever since , and , back in London , I 've been saying it to anyone else who 'll listen .
45 On the other hand , I 've been as happy as a turkey in January , and all because of a story I spotted in a medical magazine , stating that regular lashings of oily fish cut sharply your chances of having a heart attack .
46 I 've been trying to be a footballer , and that is n't me .
47 She turns around , comes to us , and utters the magic words ‘ I 've been raped ’ .
48 I 've been involved in community projects and I can say I enjoy going into schools , but at the end of the day there will always need to be the regulated type of policing of crime and violence .
49 Like , I know I 've been lucky .
50 But after the initial blisters and a bit of breaking in , I 've been fairly impressed with these boots .
51 He said almost sulkily , ‘ I 've been behaving badly for two years , and you know it , and you do n't even mind . ’
52 ‘ And you just got up in front of Henry and those pipsqueaks in your department and said , ‘ Sorry and all that , old chaps , but I 've been wrong all my life and led you into error and wickedness ’ ? ’
53 So I feel a terrific relief and release that in the latter part of my business life I 've been really able to make things happen at a considerable speed .
54 I 've been happily married to the same woman for fifty-odd years .
55 I 've been chief executive and/or chairman for twenty-five years and the tendency is to think you 're indispensable and you have to stay on until you 're seventy-five , as some people do .
56 I think I can say that during my career most of the things I 've decided ought to be done , I 've got done , but I 've done them in very different ways to other people and sometimes I 've been criticised for not going out and grabbing the headlines .
57 I suppose I 've been lucky with my training , having been an engineer .
58 I 've been knocking for ages and all ye do is laugh up at me . ’
59 Mind you , I 've been keeping up the ice dance so all the canals are frozen and he ca n't get a match to fish , ’ joked Dave , who runs Midlands Angling Products .
60 Self-employed John , 48 , from Dublin said : ‘ I 've been in the international scene for the past few years .
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