Example sentences of "i give [pron] " in BNC.

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31 Can I give them a more entertaining life indoors to stop them from going out so much ?
32 Shall I give them that ?
33 Could I give them a ring ?
34 ‘ Can I give my Right Honourable Friend two big thank-yous ! ’ , he cried , in a tone suggesting that he would like to accompany them with two big kisses .
35 Can I give my telephone number ?
36 Er , first of all may I give my sincere and abject apology for not being here to chair the Garrick 's A G M , this is due to a longstanding appointment made before I realized that the first Thursday in December is traditionally the day for the A G M.
37 Shall I give your brother a kiss cos you sat on him ?
38 Can I give you a coffee ? ’
39 ‘ Could I — I mean — please can I give you a message for Harriet Shakespeare ? ’
40 ‘ Can I give you a lift ? ’ said Alison to Ludens .
41 Delighted to see you , Mr and Mrs White — Dartmouth , I 'm sorry — not married yet , ha , ha , two weeks in paradise and you will be , we can arrange a beautiful and tasteful ceremony at sunset on the jetty just behind the oil tanks — this is the Captain 's lounge bar , this is the Captain himself — buy him a rum and he 'll tell you his life story in four different languages , two of them English — and this is the staircase — can I give you a hand with that bag ?
42 Can I give you a lift back there ? ’
43 Shall I give you my ‘ To be or not to be ’ ? ’
44 ‘ Did I give you a fright ? ’
45 How can I give you a dress allowance when I can not even afford to pay the rent on this flat ? ’
46 Lady Ursula , may I give you some advice ?
47 I 've got a bright young thing working for me does all the bookings and the publicity , can I give you a brochure ? ’
48 ‘ Can I give you a lift anywhere ? ’
49 ‘ Shall I give you a lift home on my motorbike ? ’
50 Now if anyone is tempted to join our happy band may I give you some advice which will ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your hobby — specialise .
51 Can I can I give you a scenario ?
52 Shall I give you a clue ?
53 Somebody said , ‘ Can I give you more wine ? ’
54 A new heart will I give you , and a new Spirit will I put within you ; and I will take out of your flesh the heart of stone , and give you a heart of flesh .
55 ‘ What can I give you to drink ? ’ he said , leading the way into a sitting room which was the twin of hers .
56 Shall I give you coins as well ?
57 Shall I give you a sticker ?
58 Well okay , you gave me two , now what did I give you .
59 Can I give you out there .
60 ‘ Did I give you a good run for your money ?
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