Example sentences of "you 've been " in BNC.

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31 ‘ If you 've been in care most of your life , there 's nowhere you can go .
32 Something you 've been through ?
33 For white middleclass males , however , pride and dignity has little resonance , when all your life you 've been trained to be aspirational and competitive .
34 He loves you , he 's a good bloke , you 've been together for over a year .
35 You 've been reading Jane 's magazines again . ’
36 You just have n't heard about it because you 've been too busy . ’
37 ‘ And if you do n't get out of here I 'll tell him you 've been up in the woods with a dog .
38 ‘ Tell us where you 've been .
39 You 've been making a bloody exception in my case ever since I 've been on the corporate payroll ’ he yelled .
40 That would have made an impression at a literary party , but the old trout just replied , ‘ Silly boy , I do n't think you 've been listening to a word I said ! ’
41 Now you 've been patched up , your hull 's been scraped , a lick of paint and you 're ready to get back into the great sea of life .
42 He lay down on the bed , with my mother beside him , and he died in her arms , saying : ‘ You 've been a good wife to me , Mary . ’
43 Wait until he knows what else you 've been up to ! ’
44 You 'll have to let them know you 've been called up . ’
45 Perhaps you 'll tell me where you 've been ? ’
46 Because you 've been crackers about Christopher , in love with him from the cradle .
47 ‘ And where d' you think you 've been to this time of night ? ’
48 ‘ Where d' you think you 've been to ? ’
49 Potential regional final hosts should tell us how long you 've been running exemption shows and give as much background information as possible .
50 If you 've been to any of the major house parties , you 'd know them by sight , if not by name .
51 ‘ So you 've been up the barrow , ’ Jos said out of the blue , as he lined up on the final double .
52 So , this is the secret you 've been incubating , Roirbak , Jahsaxa thought , curled in her office late at night , turning a glass of rich , golden mezcal in her hands .
53 ‘ So that 's what you 've been hiding away for ! ’
54 ‘ So you 've been to Woodbrook ?
55 Your conductors ' competitions brought on some new talent , beginning with the Finnish conductor Okko Kamu , who won the first competition in 1969 ; and you 've been a great help to most of the new generation of top conductors — Abbado , Ozawa , and so on .
56 When we were watching the end of the film of Brahms 's First Symphony which you 've been editing , I noticed you giving a very accurate two-handed performance of the timpani part on the table in front of you .
57 I 'm delighted that you 've been able to come along at such short notice .
58 You 've been twisted something rotten ,
59 ‘ You 're not a new girl any more , you 've been here nearly a day .
60 ‘ Because you 've been pushed around so often . ’
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