Example sentences of "is just that " in BNC.

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31 This relationship is evidently not to be confused with a sexual relationship ; it is just that once you have entered into an artistic liaison of this intensity , the sexual shenanigans are likely to follow .
32 But , ‘ It is just that we are in sympathy , ’ he said .
33 It is just that he will not apply it to future pension rights because he is not in the least interested in defending workers ' pension rights .
34 It is just that the type of early-warning signals just discussed will indicate whether the expected improvement in competitive strength and the projected cash flows are likely to be achievable .
35 The point is just that some basic concepts relating to the experience curve may still be valuable if used with intelligence and discretion .
36 It is just that one needs to be careful to interpret the segments according to the product strategy being employed .
37 The answer is just that it simplifies interpretation of the figures by reducing uneven streams of benefits and costs to a single index of NPV ( or IRR ) .
38 It is just that one learns to be careful , particularly if one is a writer .
39 ‘ It is just that we are wary of strangers in the city these days , with so many of the surrounding folk seeking safety behind the walls , and the … the Sellswords flocking to Sergius 's banner whether the Duke condones it or no .
40 Once again these hidden costs have been part of the investment-need right from the beginning — it is just that they have not been looked at closely enough .
41 " Because the Children 's Act in Scotland is just that bit different to England . "
42 It is just that gentlemen are Well , it does not do , you see , to be too much apart .
43 It is just that the structure of the viral RNA happens to be such that it makes cellular machinery chum out copies of itself .
44 It is just that the world automatically tends to become full of those varieties of clay ( or DNA ) that happen to have properties that make them persist and spread themselves about .
45 This is n't superstition , it is just that some people seem to attack computers in a way that brings out the worst in them .
46 I d I do n't mean that 's er er a terribly difficult thing but it is just that that does have to happen .
47 Remember the little truth theory that we did in lecture two or three , or when you do semantics in logic by swinging two model theories , when you interpret the expressions of a logical language , you have to assign a structure and , er the claim here is just that the natural language , that structure , structure that the semantic interpretation rules apply to , it 's just the syntactic structure .
48 It is just that so many desirable ends are incompatible .
49 ‘ 'T IS just that the town is no place for a lady at this time .
50 It is just that the rules are different .
51 The right hon. Member for Manchester , Gorton ( Mr. Kaufman ) and his team are always ingenious in defending whatever the policy of the moment is ; it is just that that policy is changed so often that it leaves a little bit of a question mark over whether they have any plan or direction at all .
52 According to section 40(1) , the court or the comptroller must be satisfied that ‘ the patent is ( having regard among other things to the size and nature of the employer 's undertaking ) of outstanding benefit to the employer and that by reason of those facts it is just that the employee should be awarded compensation to be paid by the employer ’ .
53 Section 40(1) permits the court only to award compensation on an application made by the employee which inter alia establishes that the latter made the patented invention which is of outstanding benefit to the employer and that ‘ by reason of those facts it is just that the employee should be awarded compensation ’ .
54 The syntactic relation which underlies them , assignment , is just that : a relation of assignment .
55 ' It is just that my friends are coming under great pressure from their communities over the incident . ’
56 Blanche : I guess it is just that I have — old-fashioned ideals !
57 At the moment it is just that she is missing . ’
58 Not that I had a bad opinion of his character , ( I do n't know him ) , it is just that I feel most other clubs would not have even responded to you .
59 It is just that if you try to use the laws of physics , in a naive way , to understand the behaviour of a whole living body , you will find that you do n't get very far .
60 Although the ancestor 's body is a dot , like a bacterium in the primeval slime , hidden inside it is the potential for branching in exactly the pattern of the central tree of Figure 3 : it is just that its Gene 9 tells it to branch zero times !
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