Example sentences of "to be [adj] " in BNC.

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31 A year later she met and began to live with C. , who was the father of her baby who was later to be stillborn .
32 The NPFL had earlier agreed that its representative would form part of a triumvirate of vice-presidents under an independent interim president , but this arrangement appeared to be stillborn .
33 She liked him to be masterful .
34 They have too many bees in their bonnets to be dependable .
35 Two are highly valued , namely lidya ( shy , timid , ashamed ) and höntugen ( frightened , fearful ) , and can be said to be integral aspects of the Chewong person ( Howell 1988 ) .
36 ( d ) Overflow can not occur on multiplication if the values are assumed to be integral , but multiplication of two operands both of which are the maximum negative number causes overflow under the fractional convention .
37 Where the degree course and the HNC/HND course have not been designed to be integral with each other , students seeking entry to the degree course on the basis of the HNC/HND will normally need to take two further academic years of full-time study for a Degree and three further academic years of full-time study for an Honours Degree ( or the part-time equivalents ) .
38 I think I can assure you , we 've got a , an international European officer , who has the main responsibility for opening the doors for us in a lobbying way within Europe , and in addition to that , and the maintenance of the networks , we are spreading international and European responsibilities around the organisation , so it 's seen again to be integral to our work , rather than compartmentalised , and I 'm confident that the organisation as a whole , will therefore be doing more .
39 On the other side of the Strada Stirbei Voda in the west of central Bucharest which has been converted from a charming street into a new boulevard , almost opposite the old and soon to be redundant opera-house , lies the huge shell of the new National Museum of Romanian History .
40 First , and perhaps most importantly , the existence of communicative understanding at a pre-verbal level means that the precise meaning of the words spoken by the adult are likely to be redundant .
41 Dooling argued that if an individual sentence is comprehended as part of a larger semantic unit , part of the meaning of the sentence is likely to be redundant .
42 Only the first few of these reported errors are required to trace the source of the error ; remaining errors tend to be redundant .
43 lf the ports de bras are to be convincing , choreographers need to study Natural Emotional Expression .
44 One can put up all kinds of contributory explanations for it , but none seems central enough to be convincing .
45 The performance has to be convincing , or they will not be lured away from the vulnerable nest or young .
46 Star Trek VI considers such questions without even trying to be convincing .
47 Nichols got Robert Redford to read the script and take a screen test , but it was agreed that , because most of the story concerns Benjamin 's hesitancy with women , Redford was too dishy to be convincing .
48 Under the glare of the fluorescent light the whole bizarre scene , Berowne 's sprawled body and severed throat , the clotted blood , the tramp propped like a stringless marionette against the wall , looking for a moment unreal , a Grand Guignol tableau too overdone and too contrived to be convincing .
49 Judging from the number of Londoners who ended by having to pay more than they were initially assessed for , this refrain could have been sung a bit too often to be convincing .
50 They are ingenious but too contrived to be convincing .
51 He hated getting his clothes dirty , but the effect had to be convincing .
52 We can not expect teachers of science , history of geography to accept that they need to know about , say , the nature of language or the multiplicity of its functions , unless we can show how the need for this knowledge derives — by a chain of relevance sufficiently direct to be convincing — from their own search for greater pedagogic effectiveness .
53 Erm , we need to be convincing in challenge , otherwise the challenge , erm , we should question whether there is a need for any change , erm , if things have been done in a certain way for a certain period of time , erm , just because we want to change them , does n't mean to say that it does n't
54 The picture was so circumstantial that it began to be convincing , and Harry 's heart hammered in his breast with hope and dread .
55 the right to be fallible , ie to be wrong and make mistakes sometimes
56 " How d' you explain its high incidence in places known to be malodorous ? "
57 Maintenance research tends to be undramatic , unglamorous , and only missed when it is absent .
58 Normally , increases or reductions in publishing output tend to be undramatic , but in the 1980s the numbers of new titles published annually have gone up very substantially indeed — increases not on the whole matched by additions to library bookfunds .
59 The proportion of the People retained by Mirror Group is likely to be similar — and the paper will continue to be printed on Mirror presses .
60 For AMS , the upper age limit is determined by other factors such as machine stability and the degree of modern contamination introduced in the processing of very small samples ; the values tend to be similar to those for conventional radiocarbon laboratories .
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