Example sentences of "it was [pron] " in BNC.

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31 it was somebody
32 Then he 'd realized that it was no-one he would recognize .
33 Commonly not exceeding a couple of pounds , the church stock reached an exceptional £7. 6s. at Waddesdon , Bucks. , though as often as not it was nil , or else no figure was given , some certificates consistently omitting it .
34 It was nil .
35 At full-time it was nil all .
36 Losses of soil through erosion vary greatly : under closed forest it may be 2.55 t per ha per annum in Trinidad , less than a tonne in Java or 0.41 in French Guyana , while under secondary forest in Madagascar it was nil , but up to 9 t when cleared and cultivated .
37 It was nowt but nonsense about how she looked , and the songs she sang , and that sort o ’ stuff .
38 The first day we just hated it , but when we got used to it , it was nowt like a prison .
39 the kid had n't done much , I mean it was nowt serious .
40 ‘ Will ye not tell me what it was ye were fighting over ? ’
41 It was ye contaminated it . ’
42 As they got nearer they could see it was some-one , head and shoulders clearly visible .
43 Oh , no it was myself yeah
44 It was myself .
45 It was myself I did n't care about …
46 He seemed real and solid ; it was myself who felt weightless as though I was just a conduit for all these sensations . .
47 Erm it was myself , Paul an employee , erm a couple of other employees who I believe to be Dave and .
48 ‘ In actual fact I imagine it was myself I was trying to escape . ’
49 And however much I hated the idea , sooner or later I would have to tell somebody about it — Toby , perhaps either the truth or a lie I would have to tell , because I could n't any longer pretend it was nobody 's business but mine .
50 Nobody er erm or it was nobody thought about it li that was taken for granted .
51 No it was nobody 's fault .
52 and she said as , well what she used to say about it was nobody 's business !
53 As it was everybody was thankfully unhurt , though a scary moment occurred when the AA member turned up and turned out to be none other than an ex-member of THE TREMELOES .
54 He was fined £50 for breaching a local by-law but yesterday claimed it was everybody 's right to search for bait in a ruling dating back to the Magna Carta in 1215 .
55 Story of four people this is a story of four people named everybody , somebody , anybody and nobody , there was an important job to be done and everybody was sure that somebody could do it , anybody could of done it , but nobody did , somebody got angry about that because it was everybody 's job , everybody thought anybody could do it , but nobody would .
56 She joked that it was her favourite occupation .
57 Hardly surprising , since she 'd played it non-stop since her Lucy dream , wept to it , soaked it in until it was her heartbeat , floated on the cloud of its beauty all through the Lucyless days .
58 Unfortunate that it was her turn for the floor .
59 It was her nail scissors that she 'd been searching for days , lost under the hearthrug and pressing into her hip ; and the cry was also her virginity , small and bewildered and gone .
60 When the sister was summoned up and said it was her grave had been dug , he realised there was nothing more he could do and the whole thing was adjourned to the community centre for a couple of hours while big men with shovels rather grudgingly got to work . ’
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