Example sentences of "it is that " in BNC.

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31 This caused disquiet amongst Colonial officials and prompted Creech Jones , the Colonial Secretary in the later years of the Labour government , to circulate a memorandum to the Cabinet in early 1947 in which he said : ‘ I know full well how important it is that our overseas payments should be kept as low as they possibly can be , but I can not believe that this justifies a course which is contrary to our declared policy in regard both to Colonial and to commercial matters and contrary also to the policy which has long been pursued by the Labour Party . ’
32 Today we were close enough to the front of the plane to have a newspaper in English , and not have to settle for one printed in a strange dialect of Latvian ( or whatever it is that they use for those that are always left at the end ) .
33 The relationship between , say , reading an article in Socialist Review on the bureaucracy 's pursuit of revenge on Arthur Scargill , and what it is that can be got from staring at Rembrandt 's nose in a late self-portrait just is open .
34 It is that all your life you have been soft and this treatment shocks and stuns you .
35 Thus it is that the new 3-series gets a modest extra inch of legroom and stays conspicuously smaller than the far from roomy 5-series .
36 If science has taught us anything , however , it is that the environment is full of uncertainty .
37 The idea behind it is that you ca n't achieve a total look with one brand but must combine products from both ends of the market for a contemporary image .
38 It is that same KaDeWe — you pronounce it ‘ cardayvay ’ — where 60 years ago a Hungarian band played popular dance music favourites in the chic top floor restaurant .
39 It 's a previously unexplored area , but W.H.Smith/Do It All commissioned a media psychologist , Jane Firbank , to investigate what it is that motivates a phenomenally , perhaps weirdly , growing pastime .
40 If one had to make a guess , it is that within another ten years or so ‘ environment ’ will have become a somewhat passé term , rather as ‘ ecological ’ has , simply because of its insufficiency as a generic description ; a term which links the preservation of rural landscapes in Europe to the fate of millions in Bangladesh obviously has problems of definition .
41 It is that they are not talking because they see no way to settle their differences .
42 If there is some consolation for bankers amidst all this destruction of value , it is that for some eagles practice makes better , if not perfect .
43 If they were not told the embarrassing source of these words — and perhaps even if they were — most Asians would give a vigorous nod of approval to the sentiments expressed by Neville Chamberlain when Germany annexed the Sudetenland in 1938 : ‘ How horrible , fantastic , incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing . ’
44 It is that , during the time when Anglo-America 's takeover frenzy was at its peak , financial economics at last got the recognition it deserved .
45 It is that the view of Anglo-American finance as a casino full of rapacious capitalists has become popular at the same time as those countries ' companies were being taken over by the people themselves .
46 For you know I often wonder what sort of morality it is that keeps men from anything but superficial intercourse with any woman but their wives : yet I hate adultery & all the intermediate stages ; and what men of free habits in this way I have known , I have detested .
47 This means that Locke has not only to substantiate the claim that all ideas are derived from experience , but also to explain how it is that our reason gets from those ideas to certain items of knowledge which others said were innate .
48 She then proceeds to whinge about how confusing it is that the Odeon Mezzanine , the Odeon Leicester Square and the Odeon West End are all situated within yards of each other .
49 We lead her back towards the Odeon Mezzanine and break the ice by saying interestingly how confusing it is that the Odeon Mezzanine , the Odeon Leicester Square and the Odeon West End are all situated within yards of each other .
50 The method concerns itself both with what the underlying unit actually is , and also with how likely it is that we are observing a real effect rather than some random one .
51 So it is that the crossing is made without further ado , ‘ opposite Jericho ’ ( 3.16 ) .
52 It is an imaginative use of the word , but what is significant about it is that it reappears in that sense in only one other place in the Old Testament , in the passage immediately preceding God 's appearance on Sinai .
53 It is that someone among them has taken for himself some of the treasures of the city which were destined for God 's own sanctuary .
54 One argument sometimes raised against it is that it would lead to plea-bargaining , and thus to offenders escaping with lesser convictions and lesser sentences .
55 It is that to a class of fifteen-year-olds in a co-ed comprehensive school , such a statement told us something influential about the culture in which we were growing up and nothing about gerbils .
56 It is not just that things could be other than they are — it is that they must be .
57 If there is a change in attitude , then I think it is that the young of Britain are now more outward looking not only towards Europe , but the wider world too .
58 Their justification for doing it is that it 's for this thing , this painting or whatever , and I always wonder if it could n't be more without all that . ’
59 Even though the new series looks good ( with one of its highlights promising to be the small-screen debut of Paul Whitehead ) and he has at least three other projects on the go , Harry Enfield still has n't figured out what it is that he does exactly .
60 Whatever it 's called , though , one of the most gloomy facts about it is that it now spends more on weapons than on health and education put together
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