Example sentences of "it [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 In addition to that , it might interest you to know that er in excess of a further one hundred and sixty hectares of land is in our U D deposit version , U D P proposed to be released on greenfield sites on the edge of the built up areas .
32 Our radical objector maintains about what we take to have been the causal circumstance that it might riot have been followed by the smell , and moreover that this would not have resulted from the absence of some further condition .
33 it might rain tomorrow do n't it ?
34 I think it 's worth identifying cos it might sort of alleviate this sort of problem
35 Naturally , if a small aircraft is overbooked consistently , it might rate early loading .
36 It 'll Ticklem or Rips Raps , presented by a powerful cast of gifted comic thespians including Cullen and Carthy , a double act , the Wee Mon , and the popular Will E. Wont E. Beanland .
37 It 'll Mercury are only supposed to be for non-local calls .
38 ‘ I think it 'll surface again , and I 'm going to make sure the press are there .
39 It 'll surface somewhere , ’ said Steve Shepherd confidently .
40 Yes well I 'll go fortnightly for a little while then it 'll tail off .
41 And if the Oxford Student does face a court battle … the Cherwell says it 'll back it all the way .
42 Yeah , probably not , it 'll pocket out the window job
43 you 'll think it 'll sink do you ?
44 You 'll think it 'll sink do n't you , why do you think it 'll sink ?
45 it 'll sort of erm light them up it 'll be very
46 Yeah well keep it wet and then it 'll sort of flow into any difficult areas .
47 But I 'm gon na do it over this so it 'll sort of go funny
48 ‘ Then it 'll jist hiv tae wait , ’ Phillis said .
49 it 'll muck up your disk for work .
50 It 'll rebo
51 Yeah then it 'll coursework time
52 You 'll think it 'll float do you ?
53 dazzling neo-industrial six-track mini-LP ‘ secretly recorded in a variety of locations without the permission of the record label to ensure it could fester without divine intervention ’ , according to vocalist Trent Reznor
54 Among those it failed to deter was a predatory heron which discovered that by activating the light it could purloin a splendid fish supper from among the transfixed koi carp in the garden pond below .
55 If only the population could just manage , by random drift , to get itself over the knife-edge , it could coast down the slope to the Tit for Tat side , and everyone would do much better at the banker 's ( or ‘ nature 's ’ ) expense .
56 The award and the ceremony itself were instigated by the British Fashion Council , which tried every tactic it could -including the setting up of a smarter venue at The Duke of York 's Barracks -to persuade Katharine Hamnett to show in London .
57 obviously we 've got to work together on all , are you listening to me ? , on all the different parts of the body , you want them all to come alive , okay , so , this week as I say we 're gon na concentrate on sound , sound , sound , sound , you 've got to play on sound that is the painting , I mean the , the pictures do you , alright that 's fine , at the same does n't matter we 've still got to work on different things , yeah , okay ? , erm , so , as I say we 're going to make a sound machine in different groups , now to give you an example , what I what you to do is be , I 'm going to give you a situation , give , choose a profession , okay , let's say we are in hospital , now I want you each and everyone of you in this group think of the situation , think of a sound that one might hear in a hospital , everyone to themselves just think of a sound , could be a patient screaming , it could be a heart machine , it could be , er exactly , could be that , could be absolutely anything , it could sirens , it could be anything , okay , for everyone I want you to have the sound in your head okay , everyone 's got a sound in their head ?
58 I think erm I think is quite fair maybe if concessions could be raised to one fifty or two pounds but overall I think that people who can afford it spend such a lot of money on the raffle and we therefore give raffle tickets to those who can afford it could jealousy and on the raffle generally about a hundred pounds is made and if there , if there was more charge for tickets , people might not give so much for the raffles and also if you give but if you charge them a nominal sum and then shove other things at them on their options they might be more willing to give to optional choices like a raffle .
59 Much of the acreage in this round is closer to the coastline , and as such has many implications in terms of how it could impact upon fish spawning , local bird life , and even the Ministry of Defence in some cases .
60 The difficulty is if we move to something , er , which is supply based as is being suggested , then it could impact even , even greater and so there 's no perfect er , system for this , but there 's got to be a better way .
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