Example sentences of "may be [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Also , young children 's answers to examination questions may be off the mark , not because they do not know what they are being tested for , but because they misinterpret the examiner 's intention .
32 Monetary policy may be off target .
33 The video can be used at induction meetings and loaned to parents who may be considering sending children to your school .
34 The supply of left-handed clubs is so insufficient as to deter those left-handers who may be considering taking up the sport .
35 I urge anyone who may be considering voting Labour to think very deeply about whether Neil Kinnock can really be trusted to run this country .
36 In some areas urban pressure on the periphery creates additional problems because expansion may be into areas of considerable landscape value .
37 Obviously sometimes not all ten of the possible subclasses are necessary , so that subdivision of a subject may be into less than ten subclasses .
38 Who knows , the next foray may be into the south .
39 These may be into existing degree schemes in the same college or another , into specially planned third-year academic or professional courses , or into employment ’ .
40 The more thoughtful among them point out that although many parts of the service may be over the heads of the kids , it is nevertheless directed at all worshippers and no part of the service ought to be segregated from another .
41 Very diffuse boundaries between its members indicate an enmeshed family who may be over involved ; very rigid boundaries , with minimal involvement are a sign of the disengaged family .
42 ‘ But if you 're anxious to see Frank he may be over here soon .
43 The access to a site or any part of the site may be over a private or unadopted road .
44 And her advise to others like her is to seek help , rather than become victims of law which in this case may be over protective .
45 Well that dreary tale may be over the worst now .
46 The first punch may be to the face , so attention is focused there .
47 For example , if you have the situation where you want to put two occasionally-used machines quite close to one another , it may be to your advantage that their heights are exactly the same so the job can run across both tables .
48 For instance , the manager of an airline , however committed he may be to an efficient seat reservation system , may be obliged to withdraw seats already allocated in favour of a minister and his train of attendants .
49 Because what she wants is smaller and less costly than what has been set before her , she never recognises as gluttony her determination to get what she wants , however troublesome it may be to others …
50 The fact is we remain an island power and can not ignore the sea however close we may be to the Continent .
51 However distasteful it may be to some people , this does at least provide a rational explanation for the behaviour of those bystanders , even if it does not excuse them .
52 The introduction of new technology is only one aspect of problem solving in marginal areas and the desirable overall policy package may be to a substantial degree indivisible since changing one part may affect one or all of the other parts at a local , regional , national or European Economic Community ( EEC ) level .
53 If the garage has a ‘ flat ’ roof , it will have a slight drainage slope , which may be to the side or the rear .
54 Ways of trying to increase your bargaining power include delaying negotiations or confrontation until you are in a stronger position , initiating action in another area which raises the costs to your opponent if he disagrees with your offer , linking the issue under discussion with much wider issues which do not seem of much importance at first sight to your opponent but which may be to his long-term disadvantage but to your long-term advantage which will compensate for your short-term loss .
55 The overall emphasis on cost and efficiency in the reformed National Health Service is likely to increase pressures for further reducing the length of hospital stays , and once again this may be to the detriment of older patients .
56 Even in a socialist country like Tanzania , however committed one may be to the abolition of privilege in society , there is no arguing with the fact that young people with secondary and higher education can expect life to bring them a richer and more interesting experience than it does to the primary school leaver .
57 A widower can become something of a ‘ cause ’ to those living in the same street or block of flats , whereas a widow , although not shunned , may be to some extent avoided by all but the most caring individuals in the early days of her bereavement .
58 There is certainly a case for insisting on the democratic control of the EMS , but that means getting more , not less involved in European politics , messy , complex and frustrating as they may be to those who long for simple black-and-white , left-and-right simplicities .
59 A puff it may be to the deposed kings of world rugby , but the Taiwanese are taking the training stint , which will be used as a build-up to September 's Asian tournament , in deadly earnest .
60 ‘ I do n't think Hank realizes how devastating it may be to his mother when his book comes out , ’ Isobel went on .
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