Example sentences of "time and time " in BNC.

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31 Had you remembered the face of that clock — one which you have probably looked at time and time again ?
32 Time and time again he will charge for the snags which are in range , including some of which you may be unaware , or others you may think are out of range .
33 This scenario has been repeated time and time again from Stagecoach and High Noon through the fast food diet of the Lone Ranger ( plus Tonto ) and the Range Rider ( plus Dick West — all American boy ) .
34 Such a development required a strong defence , and the point to which they referred time and time again was that ‘ modern conditions ’ made it imperative that education be structured into a coherent national system , with special attention being paid to working-class youth , not merely to trade classes for apprentices , but to the mass of young workers .
35 However , they are so often held back with comments such as ‘ you are too young ’ , ‘ we can not trust you ’ , ‘ your time will come ’ — time and time again I have heard the same complaint by those who have achieved their goals at an early age .
36 M. B. I am quite candidly of the opinion that I would have left the police out of a feeling of resentment because I was overlooked time and time again for inferior men .
37 From these studies , preferably repeated time and time again , we then put results together and look for links between findings and for broader generalizations .
38 You notice time and time again that one of them keeps reading a newspaper instead of working .
39 The pages are studded with striking examples of the vulnerabilities which have caught society off guard time and time again — and which seem likely to keep on doing so ever more frequently , with ever more devastating consequences .
40 Sir Karl Popper , a kind and gentle thinker and whose 80th birthday we recently celebrated , has expressed this notion time and time again , and other scientists heartily endorse it .
41 Time and time again they have run up against unsurmountable problems of distributing and getting the drugs accepted .
42 They may keep this up time and time again until , with luck , the predator finally gives up the chase .
43 This is a very simple philosophy but , in my experience , I have seen it work time and time again .
44 Executive also-rans may have most to gain from going beyond traditional set-piece job interviews , at which , Hamilton-Phillips says , ‘ people who can talk well get jobs time and time again ’ .
45 Of course nothing remotely approaches the indulgent , yet time and time again Pollini characterises the music with an infinite subtlety which makes other interpretations appear almost cosmetic in comparison : listen to how gently he coaxes ( never caresses ! ) the opening phrases of and you 'll hear what I mean .
46 The word ‘ community ’ appeared time and time again in discussion with people in Dunrossness .
47 It meant acknowledging they had wasted time and time mattered .
48 The blueprint based on his earlier experiences ensured that the old drama was played out time and time again , thereby validating its own predictions .
49 Time and time again babies learn that their rage and hatred do not destroy the source of nourishment and love which is prepared to succour and relieve distress .
50 Taking you down memory lane time and time again .
51 A grand building — complete with pool and wonderful terraced gardens — perched on the hillside just outside the picturesque village of Deya , it 's the ind of place that people return to time and time again .
52 The lichen-crusted walls bedecked with city grime capture my attention time and time again .
53 Most social workers who are in touch with the elderly disabled living alone hear the praises of their Home Helps sung time and time again : ‘ She 's like a daughter to me ’ , and ‘ I do n't know what I 'd do without her ’ .
54 Time and time again your average punter gets ripped off by some incompetent half-wit whose main aim seems to be to sell as many boxes as he or she can .
55 Just as many equality feminists opposed shoring up the traditional family at the beginning of the century , so present-day Labour has been challenged internally time and time again — and externally by the women 's and lesbians and gay liberation movements — on its sexual politics .
56 What the NME fails to realise time and time again is that we whiteys have minds and therefore opinions and views of our own .
57 These themes are dealt with time and time again , but the possibility that they may be irrelevant , or that unique cultural , social or ecological facts are more important , is left open .
58 Yesterday they were spewed out in the aftermath of the Musgrave Park Hospital outrage but they were the same words which Mr Brooke and his predecessors have used time and time again after other bloody acts of terrorism .
59 He also explains that the reason he is happy to accept minimum portfolios of £25,000 is because ‘ time and time again , small investors who come to us are pleased with the service and come back five or ten years later ’ , having inherited substantial sums .
60 in fiction , the story should be capable of interpretation at a number of different levels , so that children can return to the book time and time again with renewed enjoyment in finding something new ;
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