Example sentences of "could [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 We could always farm things out to freelances .
32 We know that the actual reorganization is going to cost thirty million I would have thought that every possible drainage problem could ever West Sussex could easily be rectified with thirty million pounds and we could all name a project er on which we would like to spend thirty million pounds .
33 Although what use could dear Alfred have for any of them ? she wondered .
34 You could , you could seat if you did , sort of classroom seating in there a , room this size in that , er , you could , you could probably seat six hundred people .
35 I often think I wish you know we could capture some of those again I think it would jolly well I , I , I wish government could , could really sort of kn know what it was like .
36 Could even eels live in this cheerless commercial conduit ?
37 Through their series of public meetings and the springing up of local action groups , the campaign returned to each individual farmer and landowner the decision as to whether the companies could even prospect .
38 But could even Fouché be trusted ?
39 The result on March 14 could well hinge on the boots of Stabler and his Newcastle rival David Johnson , whose 28 points on Saturday maintained his position as the country 's leading points scorer .
40 and I felt quite happy especially with a bow tie on , you know , it had been , it had gone you know and in a way we sort of could almost sort of
41 The group could then practice negotiation techniques .
42 BERNHARD Langer stands between Ulster 's David Feherty and the victory which could spectacularly catapult him into the Ryder Cup .
43 BERNHARD Langer stands between Ulster 's David Feherty and the victory which could spectacularly catapult him into the Ryder Cup .
44 As Labour and Conservative MPs vowed to continue the fight against legislation to implement the Maastricht treaty , Downing Street officials were seeking advice on whether an opposition amendment could seriously flaw the bill .
45 Ghosts could ne'er affright her .
46 The immediate economic imperatives have trapped the potential of partnerships which might otherwise attend to the more complex long-term issues and could therefore condition and shape our society in the future .
47 and the other one was erm a mother of two and she said that even when she was younger she was always overweight and she could never sort of go out with anybody nice and she just settled for anybody sort of thing , I felt sorry for her husband , mind you saying this like , cos he looked a bit thick and er
48 you could actually sort of talk about , right a full time centre is ten half day sessions , two full time centre equals twenty half day sessions
49 Er we moved over to using ASCII so that we could actually hand edit them and and look at them .
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