Example sentences of "been [noun] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 For example , Figure 8.5 shows that this can vary from landscape improvement to recreation , and that the two main spatial units have been kilometre squares and landscape tracts ( Penning-Rowsell , 1975 ) .
32 It had been Fei Yen 's idea to have a midnight picnic and Tsu Ma had been delighted when the two girls had come to them with blankets and a basket , interrupting their talk .
33 Ennis District Secretary since 1988 , John has been branch representative in several locations .
34 He has been branch representative in most of the branches in which he has worked .
35 Besides her present location , Joan has been branch representative in Ballynahinch where she joined the Bank in 1978 .
36 He has been branch representative in most branches in which he has worked and an Area Council member for 15 years .
37 There 's been curriculum development in the past and not a lot has happened with it … shelves are full of it .
38 In recent years it has been Ian Rush who has been the scourge of Everton but this time he turned provider to send the Israeli international through a dumbfounded Everton defence .
39 His mother may have been Isabella Anderson .
40 A key figure in the development of concepts of the life course has been Tamara Hareven .
41 However , the only unauthorised visitors appear to have been souvenir hunters and men foraging among the stores .
42 I ca n't for the life of me see how it could have been Sheila Williams he was with …
43 Thorn confirmed Draper 's resignation yesterday , but denied it was a major problem as ‘ he 's been part time for years . ’
44 As expressed by Atiyah the ‘ weakening belief in the importance of the hortatory effect of the judicial process has been accompanied by , and has surely been part cause of , a change in the sense of justice itself .
45 The second person into the flat and immediately very , very close behind to P C was myself and the third person into the flat would have been P C .
46 The fourth person would have been P C The fifth person P C and the last person forming part of the firearms team er would have been P C .
47 The fourth person would have been P C The fifth person P C and the last person forming part of the firearms team er would have been P C .
48 There was a transparent sachet of something brown and thick , chocolate paste or miso ; one dried-up anchovy in an open tin , its coat of salt dried to a hard crust ; and a smear of something on a saucer that might once have been pesto sauce .
49 Suffice to say , however , that there has been noise deletion ( pertaining to the surface noise from both lacquer and tape masters ) and there has been adjustment of level by way of compensation .
50 Fitzgerald was fascinated by the director type and in his story ‘ Mightier than the sword ’ he offered a portrait of a man who could well have been King Vidor :
51 And they found one tent which had been King Yucef 's ; never man saw so noble a thing as that tent was ; and there were great riches therein , and there also did they find Alvar Salvadores , who had been made prisoner the yesterday , as ye have heard .
52 The most convincing of the latter have been sentence completion methods like cloze procedure .
53 BK told us this had been base camp for early attempts on Kanchenjunga from the south .
54 Emmanuelli , 46 , a banker , had previously been PS treasurer .
55 The stumbling block has been Stoke City 's half a million pounds compensation demand which the Parkhead club have refused to meet .
56 Kryuchkov had been KGB chairman since October 1988 [ see p. 36256 ] and Yazov had been Defence Minister since 1987 .
57 Koty had been Defence Minister until December 1991 [ see p. 38665 ; for February 1992 coup attempt see p. 38800 ] .
58 ‘ Today would have been sheep day in the old days , ’ the driver explained , as he hurried in to take over from his wife at the bar .
59 In the time of the Labour Government the Chief Secretary had been Joel Barnett and it was he who had forced Barbara Castle into her major and controversial changes .
60 Philip Greaves , had the portfolios of Public Works and Communications added to his existing responsibilities ; he was also Leader of the House of Assembly Warwick Franklin had hitherto been Agriculture Minister , where his tenure had been a controversial one .
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