Example sentences of "'s just that " in BNC.

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31 ‘ It 's just that I thought there might be something wrong … ’
32 It 's just that I got so involved with what was going on that I completely forgot !
33 It 's just that I have to look after both of them ’
34 I 'm sorry I was so tiresomely upset just now , it 's just that I want to protect you . ’
35 ‘ It 's just that you 're well and gone away and you do n't need me and that 's good ! ’
36 It 's just that at the time it all seemed so beautiful and important , it was like some kind of historical event .
37 ‘ It 's just that one has so much of importance on one 's mind just now . ’
38 That 's not to say he aspired to being something of a genius himself , it 's just that he felt a tremendous affinity with those people .
39 It 's just that most newspaper readers , the serious ones that is , would certainly opt for something a bit thicker , like The Independent . ’
40 It 's just that while we 've been together it 's been the activity you 've indulged in most .
41 It 's just that most of us are not honest enough to admit to the fact .
42 It 's just that I am so evil and perverted and encrusted with slime that it 's rather difficult for me to remember the fact . ’
43 I 'm not saying that it is necessarily trivialising to talk to interviewees about their clothes , it 's just that you do n't find the male presenters on Rock Steady talking to Phil Collins about his suits !
44 The other three more closely fit the latter than the former model : Mrs Mitchell 's daughter wanted her mother admitted permanently to the local psychiatric hospital ( knowing that she would not be eligible for residential care because of the severity of her condition ) ; but she also added — ‘ not that I do n't want her at home too — I love my mother — it 's just that the strain is too much for me ’ .
45 Or maybe it 's just that Scotland is too familiar with lads from the back streets of Edinburgh claiming they have a license to kill .
46 It 's just that I can see myself listening to the Brahms Quartets rather more often .
47 It 's just that we do n't do it grammatically .
48 It 's just that I needed to get in touch with my feelings . ’
49 ‘ It 's just that I do n't like wasting my energy worrying about things I can do nothing about , ’ Sally said matter-of-factly .
50 It was n't her reaction that I was wary of , it 's just that she does n't even know how she made her children so how was she going to understand what I was trying to tell her !
51 It 's just that I have such happy pictures in my mind of those times that pipes will always have nice associations for me .
52 It was n't as though either of these men had led me to expect anything , gave me anything to hope for , it 's just that I really liked them , particularly the one I encountered later on .
53 ‘ It 's just that he looks like bottling the Tokyo job , ’ she said quietly .
54 It 's just that you people probe into all sorts of things .
55 ‘ It 's just that I have to think about my future right now .
56 ‘ No , it 's just that I do n't like casual affairs . ’
57 It 's just that I think sex is too important to be casual about .
58 It 's not really clear whether this is a symbiotic relationship of some kind , or it 's just that the Gobies find the corals a convenient place to sit .
59 It 's just that there were so many people that I feel a bit tired . ’
60 It 's just that the flavour alters during fermentation and consequently becomes reminiscent of other fruits , such as raspberries , blackcurrants or gooseberries .
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