Example sentences of "we just [verb] " in BNC.

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31 We just went down around town .
32 We just went to it .
33 Cos we just went onto the front
34 We just went out for days and that really last week .
35 And we just went through them , the same procedure as it is for all our policies , which is eight point two , five , growth percent .
36 We go up the hill on the toboggans and you 're meant to use your brakes and one of us did , and we just went flying off into the raging snow .
37 We do n't say nothing on the way back , but sometimes we just burst out laughing for no reason at all .
38 I got married twenty three years ago in China , well , we just invite er , invited er our friends , and er former school mates to ma , to my home and we did n't make any vow , er we just gave a banquet to the friends , and er , in China people now can get married in many ways and er some foreigners have come to China to get married in a traditional Chinese way , and they have to er , carry their bride in a sedan chair .
39 I believe very firmly that we can accomplish so much more in our lives if we just pause occasionally to take stock of our plans and our aims .
40 If we just pause for a moment and look at the A C C digest that the papers see .
41 We just go down for a bit of practice a few nights before . ’
42 We never question that feeling , we just go on in our habitual ways until we are stopped short by one of the many illnesses that afflict our civilization today .
43 ‘ Well , we do n't really jam in the studio — we just go and record the songs .
44 So if we just go through these and then you can find them in the word search if you like .
45 Although we go out quite a lot , we just go for walks .
46 I suppose we just go on .
47 and sit together or are we just go
48 And whether it 's electronics or physics or maths or anything else , erm when you get to the point where you 're dividing by zero , you have to say well now we leave the , the mathematical model , and we just go back to the common sense model .
49 we just go o go on erm doing their job for them , and , and paying out of our own pockets .
50 ‘ For the first two days we just go to bed .
51 If we just go back to the plan in the future , erm , and we move down to this section here , let's look at the questions we 're asking .
52 And this is the great chamber , and this is where their tour ends I think if we just go back if we go straight back into the place we started , and so just finish it off , then I must I must finish off as well .
53 Oh we just go along with a blow lamp .
54 Anyone who 's vigilant knows what 's going on and they 're aware of what 's happening , so again it , it shows that we must do something as they said on that motorway , the thing to do when you feel yourself going into drow drowsiness is , is stop the car perhaps , get out and have a walk round , do something , I know I , er in the past when I 've felt myself going off to sleep in those situations , I 've been pinching myself and , and really making yourself do something rather than just sitting there doing nothing , cos that 's the way we just go off and get lowered into sleep and our lives are involved in this , we 've read and heard about people that have gone to sleep on motorways have n't they ?
55 we just go to out here and , or the park or something like that
56 Yeah we just go and have a pound on the nose you know and er
57 I mean nine times out of ten we erm , we just go over there and buy what 's there
58 If we just go back to , to what we 've just said and read the first paragraph , wh what he 's really saying here is that a revolution is taking place
59 And I said we just come out of the drive went across the road and there was just a bus behind us and erm I said the car almost came to a halt .
60 We just saw Eddie 's tiny figure coming through the entrance in an open Land Rover before we collapsed in hysterical relief .
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