Example sentences of "[pron] can [adv] assume that " in BNC.

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1 I can only assume that this continuing violence to musical instruments is being pursued in the interests of ‘ entertaining ’ the majority of the audience ( who are non-musicians ) .
2 I can only assume that it stemmed from wishful thinking or a misunderstanding on the part of one of the council employees or officers .
3 I can only assume that manufacturers who do n't properly configure the machines they sell are either lazy or careless .
4 It is not the Commission 's policy to disclose the reasons for its decisions , and I can only assume that the Commission prefer the Refreshment Department 's current practices , which were designed to promote healthy and nutritious food in the House .
5 ‘ You ca n't have any real scruples about our supposed affair or we would n't be working for you , so I can only assume that you 're making this personal attack for the sheer hell of it , because you once got a kick out of disapproving of me — despising me — and you 're trying to recapture the thrill of it all . ’
6 I can only assume that the NI went to press before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait for this important factor to have been omitted .
7 I can only assume that the right hon. Gentleman 's last question was a knee-jerk reaction .
8 I can only assume that it was from his previous experience as chairman of the Greater London council in 1985-86 that he learnt all about ’ getting your friends appointed to the key jobs ’ , and that that is why he assumes that the same is happening in the civil service now .
9 I can only assume that the words were left out because an assurance ’ vigorously ’ to continue ’ fighting crime ’ would have raised only a horse laugh when offered by a Government with a record of this Government on this subject .
10 My hon. Friend the Member for Beaconsfield has already enlarged upon the facts in the fine document which was produced in 1991 and I can only assume that they are correct .
11 I can only assume that , as the matter was extensively discussed earlier , they thought that the issue was dead and that there was no point in discussing it , because the arguments had been so effectively canvassed and dismissed that the Government would not contemplate introducing such an offence .
12 I can only assume that the crew of this barge were new to boating as their attempt to get by the bridge was reminiscent of ’ Game for a Laugh ’ .
13 The vagueness of some of the " Activities " tends to cause recurring difficulty , and I can only assume that Durant and Fabb have their own ways of making them work .
14 Since they do n't even know who the councillors are , I can only assume that North Tyneside is being victimised through ignorance and dogma .
15 these are recommendations from a joint working party D of E of the erm local authority association and they are to almost unbelievable for us to consider and I can only assume that the that we must remember that this is really a response to what I call Heseltine 's last squeeze which was the idea of executive mayors and so in a sense lip service which has to be paid somewhere along those lines but it does recommend that we think seriously about cabinet govern government about single party committees and I ca n't imagine how anybody in their right minds would argue now that the cabinet government when they see what cabinet government leads to in Westminster and what de facto cabinet government leads to in majority ruled councils up and down the country erm , there is of course a I think a misleading er er brownie point the idea of relaxing restrictions on members allowances but members must realise why that is in there .
16 Yes well of course you can only assume that what he says is correct .
17 And when you eventually decide what time to travel , you can safely assume that BR is n't responsible for your train being late — blame the leaves on the track — or for the lack of pickle in your sandwiches — write to Clement Freud .
18 We can thus assume that
19 In the later interviews it is only when grandparents were not known directly that there is no significant memory of them , and we can reasonably assume that this was also the commonest reason for lack of memory in the first set .
20 But we can confidently assume that there are no languages where part of an M-tense system is not realized somewhere in time-adverbials or the like , not to mention the implicit assumption of M-present if no further specification is provided ( Lyons , 1977a : 686 ) .
21 Perhaps , when people have expressed negative views of Dustin 's behaviour and personality , we can charitably assume that his Döppelgänger , Harvey Pepper , has been at work again .
22 However , such systems tend to settle down after a time ; as long as the feedback process is not in full swing , we can often assume that the net effect has balanced out in one direction or the other .
23 I think we can safely assume that the statuette was washed and wiped clean after the event . ’
24 As the pitch patterns were presumably dictated by Elgar 's ‘ secret ’ melody , we can safely assume that his invention , and indeed the beauty of his creation , lay almost entirely in his construction .
25 His food goes in a corner manger and a brick goes in with it ; the weight of the brick means he ca n't throw the manger about and we can only assume that its bulk gives him something to think about .
26 We can only assume that Sussex did not diverge too far from the rest of the southern English religious experience , after its rather late entry into the fold .
27 Where hedging of bets ( ‘ ambiguity ’ ) is not just feasible but desirable , we can only assume that the problem is not cancer , but hypochondria .
28 The only bureau to ‘ fail ’ our test was The Last Word — we can only assume that someone simply had a brainstorm and left all the important bits out .
29 Much of this research has been done by TV advertising agencies and TV organizations themselves — so we can only assume that they have used it to shape their programs to appeal to that level of consciousness .
30 We can only assume that it intends to gain acceptability and legitimacy within the ranks of the sold-out lackeys of the Labour Party , rather than working to organise the most exploited sections of ordinary people — women .
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