Example sentences of "[that] i do " in BNC.

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31 For once , here is a project that I do not want to know more about .
32 ‘ I 'm not sure that I do .
33 Marcus , now solemn , replied , ‘ One answer is that I do n't know what happened .
34 I would not have you think that I do not recognise the superiority of your own fine ear and finer taste .
35 It 's not that I do n't want your company .
36 In any case , my point is that it was during the course of this interview , when I raised the question of the difficulty of recruiting suitable staff in these times , that Mr Farraday , after a moment 's reflection , made his request of me ; that I do my best to draw up a staff plan — ‘ some sort of servants ' rota ’ as he put it — by which this house might be run on the present staff of four — that is to say , Mrs Clements , the two young girls , and myself .
37 All I hope is that I do n't end up in an office again . ’
38 I 'll do anything that you do and you do anything that I do . ’ ’
39 She has very clear pale skin and so is used to having quite strong make-up ( ‘ so that I do n't just look a bland mass ’ ) .
40 By that I do n't mean like a sonnet or something , but concise .
41 By that I do n't mean like a sonnet or something , but concise . ’
42 I repeat that I do not believe that the principal cause of last week 's riots was the conduct of the police .
43 I would like to point out that I do not hunt myself so feel I have a balanced point of view .
44 ‘ My parents do not share the same repulsion of apartheid that I do .
45 It is the things I liked about it at first , that made it immediate , that I do n't like now .
46 ‘ I think that it is crucial that I do it .
47 I mean , you do n't know something that I do n't know ? ’
48 Having sung the praises of swimfeeders I must point out that I do not think they are the be-all and end-all of barbel fishing , specially for the very big ones .
49 By that I do not mean than one can not pin them down to set feeding patterns on specific waters .
50 Apart from that I do not know anything about it .
51 The other three more closely fit the latter than the former model : Mrs Mitchell 's daughter wanted her mother admitted permanently to the local psychiatric hospital ( knowing that she would not be eligible for residential care because of the severity of her condition ) ; but she also added — ‘ not that I do n't want her at home too — I love my mother — it 's just that the strain is too much for me ’ .
52 Upon being asked why he shed tears , he replied , ‘ It is indeed true that I do not know a word of the Gita .
53 My knowledge of this period of history is rather hazy so I am not going to make an issue of it either way , for the simple reason which I suspect is shared by many of you , that I do n't care .
54 In this regard I can boast a kind of virtue , in that I do not gamble .
55 I would also stress that I do not claim any special archival expertise .
56 HEAVEN is my witness that I do not want to be unfair to British Telecom , so I must , with frank and honest gaze , report that I have had several letters saying that I am up the pole in carrying on about the method of charging recently mentioned in this column .
57 ‘ The only reason I do n't punch you , ’ I said , ‘ is that I do n't want to come down to your level . ’
58 I hope that I do .
59 I believe that you have to be tall to wear the kind of outfits that I do .
60 I must be honest and say that I do n't think I 'll ever run that fast .
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