Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] [be] " in BNC.

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1 If it is not , the bid should be be blocked .
2 manager should be be a major priority .
3 Now they should be be perfectly plain , straight and we got a t I got a true cut on eighteen inches with a a Mr was so so he made a special report on erm what I 'd done .
4 Right the other thing Ann you you really must get given you pieces of titles you know because that should steer you into it you know the title should be be the first peg you hang your hat on , that 's the first thing .
5 We did , at the time , when the expenses were incurred , we gave it , that we were opposed to all the increases that were being made , we still maintain that policy , and I believe that there is a time when we should be be in approval , that we in fact , expending money on new active members is wrong , when in fact , have the cut backs , because at the end of the day , people of Lincolnshire have to pay for these additional expenses incurred to elected members .
6 Yes , there must be be a reason and as I 'm sure , I mean like like the objective , and then what you can do at this stage in the design process is once you 've got the objective then you select those themes or ideas from your what you 've done just now to support that objective , so that when you come up my objective is to convince you or my objective is to inform you then the information that you 're going to give out supports that objective .
7 It really must be be for the churches and the families themselves to go much further and to instruct if that is the er what the Noble Lord is hinting at , at erm promoting belief .
8 A ruling yesterday by the Accounting Standards Board means any premium or discount when a company repurchases its own debt must be be written off in the same year it is incurred .
9 With the Omni SQL Gateway that er you 'll be be able to access D B two data is that still going through the Open SQL Server or is that actually going D R D A or are there plans to go D R D A compliant ?
10 It 'll be be much more straightforward when they 've got the whole thing on the computer but at the moment it 's a transitional phase .
11 Plans are far from fixed , but the replacement could be be Hewlett-Packard Co 's PA RISC , since the Japanese firm has already reportedly pledged to buy $80m worth over the next three or four years .
12 Because I am I am beginning to think maybe they could be be erm game feature of the .
13 This was a this was plastered so it 'd be be a ni nice inside wall for inside of the vestry .
14 Well there 'd be be a squad of men working there , paid by the estate .
15 Today er on that job they 'd be be getting about three hundred .
16 So that she 'd be be she 'd be doing her baking during the day while we were at school .
17 The engine may be be smooth , refined and flexible in its mid-range , but for a cross-country sprint it 's asthmatic .
18 Would be be cooked alive ?
19 Erm well , I mean that that would be be erm
20 You will be be amazed by what you can see .
21 Vines for SCO will be be marketed as a Banyan application , and sold by both companies via their usual outlets .
22 The status will be be one of :
23 Students from Wrensfield Adult Training Centre , Stockton , will be be serving lunch at the Georgian Theatre cafe today when food hygiene certificates are dished out to them .
24 But , like a brain , a neural network can be be taught to do things — recognising patterns , for example — by changing the strengths of the connections between its elements .
25 In the longer term , if there i is a need for a for addi additional supply that can be be done by increasing the size of the segment or or using some of this additional land .
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