Example sentences of "[vb pp] be for " in BNC.

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31 This time axis shown is for radiation .
32 All that was needed was for someone to take Rowland 's ascetic vision/version of soul fanaticism and commandeer it for political ends .
33 What was needed was for the Government to spend much more money , in a more caring fashion .
34 What was needed was for us to get together with an arbitrator .
35 All that was needed was for one kind of film to do well at the box-office and a new Hollywood format would be established .
36 Perhaps , as Ho said later , all that was needed was for the French to pronounce one word : independence ; but on both sides this was the most fraught and emotional issue .
37 Much of the cider produced was for local consumption , with farmers bringing in their cartloads of apples for processing .
38 The only way in which it could have been avoided was for de Gaulle to change his style of leadership .
39 The usual way in which this duty is breached is for the employee to mention to customers that he is leaving and either directly or indirectly suggest to them that he is available to meet their needs once he has left .
40 No informants provided any information about proportions of students taking up optional courses : the only student numbers provided were for compulsory courses , and not all of these gave their numbers .
41 The Greater Peterborough TEC says : ’ Within the Youth Training programme we have about 150 young people actively seeking a place for training who at the moment have not been given an offer the fundamental problem is that the unit cost on which the funds are allocated being for this programme are too low we would hope that more money will be available to meet the guarantee because again , it is not a genuine guarantee , it is a demand-led guarantee and if we are funded on the basis of historical take-up this is bound to change when the economic climate changes , as has been experienced recently .
42 ‘ The most extensive evidence found is for the church built by Bishop Jocelyn .
43 The turnout was reported to be 99.78 per cent of the electorate ; 100 per cent of total votes cast were for the successful candidates .
44 What is wanted is for :
45 All that fuss , and all that 's wanted is for nobody to notice my clothes at all .
46 The current polarity is important in the permanent-magnet motor ; the rotor position illustrated is for positive current in winding A , a switch to positive current in winding B would produce a clockwise step , whereas negative excitation of B would give anticlockwise rotation .
47 The last thing I would have wanted was for you to become emotionally involved with me . ’
48 The last thing she had wanted was for Luke to make a pass at her .
49 The lesson to be learned is for Simple Minds not to let the sheer size and conflicting visions of the 50 States overwhelm them .
50 All that was left was for her to undress him .
51 The entropy we have calculated is for the system only-the system being the reactants and products involved in the combustion of methane gas at 25°C .
52 The equipment listed is for 26 windsurfer guests in 1989 .
53 The equipment listed is for 50 windsurf guests in 1990 , but during the year there will be updates and replacements .
54 The equipment listed is for 30 windsurf guests in 1990 , but during the year there will be some updates and replacements .
55 The equipment listed is for up to 40 windsurf guests in 1990 , but during the year there will be updates and replacements .
56 The four posts that were advertised were for planning activities for disadvantaged groups , for communications , for any idea that would ‘ assist in the development of McGregor Community College ’ and for home/school work .
57 One option that had been canvassed was for staffing ratios and care standards merely to be maintained rather than improved as the hospitals declined .
58 It was no secret that Jahsaxa monitored Zambia 's quarters : the cameras were blatantly undisguised , which Jahsaxa had insisted was for Zambia 's own safety .
59 I was saying that the proportion of advertising expenditure given was for that in the two lowest tar groups , which was rather less than the proportion of total sales .
60 However , all the speed thresholds mentioned are for guidance only .
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