Example sentences of "[vb past] be for " in BNC.

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31 ‘ All the same , ’ she said , ‘ all I meant was for her to break a leg . ’
32 All it took was for one saleslady to tell her she looked lovely and Mrs McMahon was persuaded .
33 There is no doubt that many of its customers have used loans in cases where they would previously have use ( more costly ) HP a 1977 survey showed that 59 per cent of the loans it made were for motor vehicle purchase .
34 Anythin' I ever did was for me family .
35 It was a tradition that avoided any real contemplation of the root causes of German unease ; their preference for ‘ action ’ , rested secure in the knowledge that everything they did was for the good of the nation , sanctioned by law and sanctioned by the German people .
36 But the last thing I did was for a guitar player in Nashville , Chip Young , who put together an album — which incidentally is getting released pretty soon — and he has ten tracks with ten different guests : local session players , myself , Chet 's on one , Grady Martin , Jerry Reed , Jerry Kennedy , Wayne Moss and various other guys , but I think guitar players out there will like it . ’
37 ‘ Everything they did was for their business .
38 The mine I always pictured was for lead ,
39 During my blue period my life also seemed to become a lot more structured than it had been for a while .
40 For many lifetimes railway practice had been for locomotives and rolling stock to be downgraded or ‘ cascaded ’ from front line to secondary services .
41 Mick was less fortunate , and when I awoke in the depressing gloom of dawn , he reported that the weather was very much better than it had been for a long time .
42 The England that Pound mourns the loss of is , as it had been for him from the first , an integral province of western Europe , sharing a common culture with France and always reaching out , through France , to the shores of the Mediterranean .
43 The sky was clearer than it had been for a week , and massive , but hardly elegant , Storskarfjell stood out like a white tent .
44 He was drinking like a fish , and had been for weeks .
45 In addition , the Rayner review of the service introduced not only cuts but a new philosophy that official figures , which previously had been for the service of the nation as a whole , were now to be tied far more closely to the requirements of the government of the day .
46 A recent divorce petition cited the fact that just about every wall , fitment and piece of furniture in the home was in a half-dismantled or half-done state and had been for years .
47 It was in his experience difficult for most people to prove conclusively exactly where they had been for any forty-eight-hour period , members of the Metropolitan police force always excepted , and this was going to make his life very difficult .
48 Morale on the shop floor was higher than it had been for a long year and an unhealthy atmosphere of optimism and hope pervaded the plant .
49 An older age group of superior tradesmen here and there — the public bar fraternity shunned the place , for this had been for many years the snob pub of Belgravia .
50 It is unlikely that anti-Semitism was as powerful in its motivational force for recruits in the Party 's ‘ mass phase ’ after 1929–30 as it had been for the early activist core of the NSDAP .
51 According to H. C. Robbins Landon , it was the Tristan und Isolde shortly before that , a production of swarming darkness and rare musical sensibility , that had been for many people one of the greatest of all their musical experiences .
52 There had been for many years various organizations to co-ordinate Nonconformist work in both political and religious fields and the oldest bodies dated back to the previous century .
53 He was , as golf professionals had been for a hundred years , a serf .
54 The original intention had been for the Quins players , seven of whom were in England 's Grand Slam squad , to have Easter off .
55 They were unfortunate in that batting conditions for them were not as favourable as they had been for the West Indians .
56 Ipswich were as lethargic at the start of the second half as they had been for the majority of the first and on the hour , in an attempt to liven them up , Lyall brought off Milton and Goddard to introduce Palmer and Johnson .
57 The initial impetus came from the Managing Director of one of the largest of the Harris Tweed manufacturers — the son of a crofter and himself a fisherman in his early days The Association was , however , given its distinctive shape and its constitution by the first chairman , Rev. Ian Carmichael , a Gaelic-speaker from Lismore who was a minister in Stornoway at the time , and who had had considerable experience of welfare work in industry , and had been for some years vice convener of one of the largest local authorities in Scotland .
58 But the issue was still a tactical one , as it had been for Marx ; national liberation was a means to support or obstruct the unity of the working class and the achievement of socialist revolution in Russia , not a matter of general principle .
59 The PLO felt able to play what had been for fifteen years its ‘ last card ’ — recognition of Israel — because it had gained a stronger one through the Uprising .
60 The trend of things had been for agricultural land to go out of production because it was easier to earn a living working in Israel .
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