Example sentences of "[pers pn] [adv] [conj] " in BNC.

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31 Some planners , for example , saw that their economic planning might be more effective if they used the price mechanism to work with them rather than against them , and Philip Chantler , the economic adviser brought into the Ministry of Fuel and Power in 1947 , consistently advocated a move to higher prices .
32 Transition through training is shown to be a process in which vulnerable young people are stratified into the slots allotted to them rather than being engaged in real decision-making about future choices .
33 Just pr producing new copies as you need them rather than produce five thousand and I think we we have sort of hundreds to throw away in the end .
34 Since the tax was paid out of the financial resources of the merchants it was quite proper to seek consent from them rather than from parliament , but the merchants were suspected , no doubt with some justification , of seeking to pass the real burden of the tax on to the producers .
35 Bruce , therefore , became a kind of guerilla leader whose main means of harming the English was to harass them rather than seek a formal confrontation with them .
36 It was felt that the main objective of the Tory government has been to discipline the unemployed and to lay the blame for their unemployment on them rather than on government economic policy .
37 He had hoped that the project would foster greater continuity between children 's experience of learning in primary school , and their experience in the comprehensive : I want to get away from [ a didactic approach ] , to the pupils taking more responsibility for work they produce and being more autonomous in the way that they do it and hoping to create more responsibility in them rather than them seeking the teacher all the time for information ; and thinking that all knowledge and information and values have to be teacher judged …
38 In addition , a study of the feasibility of devising criterion-referenced tests rather than norm-referenced ones was to be undertaken : that is , tests which give a description of the achievement of pupils who take them rather than placing the pupils in a relative order of achievement .
39 Roosevelt objected to these rules , which limited his powers in foreign policy , but he accepted them rather than have a battle with Congress .
40 But I might do it by talking to them rather than by writing to them .
41 The international economy consists of relations between these national entities and is shaped by them rather than by a world system which dominates and determines national conditions .
42 Some sociologists claim that an individual 's class position is largely achieved ; it results from their personal qualities and abilities and the use they make of them rather than ascribed characteristics such as the status of their parents or the colour of their skin .
43 Yeah , if she 's got a young family , I mean , nine times out of ten it 's her that 's got to watch them rather than saying to the husband , oh I 'm off to play football dear !
44 Because much of the product is already familiar to readers this review will concentrate , so far as is possible , on the upgrades and the reasons behind them rather than the existing features .
45 Both philology and Catholicism are here presented as ‘ languages ’ which Julia is unable to master because she wants to question them and change them rather than accept their inherent systematicity .
46 A different direction is taken by projects such as DASI ( Developing Anti-Sexist Initiatives ) where the aim is ‘ to give girls a positive self-image , and make them aware of the way society controls them rather than to direct them into ‘ male ’ areas of study or work' ( Whyld 1983 , p. 303 ) .
47 Evidence suggests that working class wives were prepared to put up with occasional drinking bouts by their husbands and the physical abuse that sometimes accompanied them rather than lose the economic support normally provided .
48 But perhaps your first mistake was to think that a shop could give you totally impartial advice — their prime concern was probably to make sure you actually made a purchase and from them rather than elsewhere .
49 It has chosen to steer a middle course between them rather than undertake a strategic review .
50 I have said before from the Dispatch Box that the attitude of other parties in the House to that Act is a matter for them rather than for me .
51 But it is easier to show that the Aquitanians ' identity as a people was imposed on them rather than felt by them in Carolingian times .
52 I think everyone 's got their own ways of dealing with them , you know certainly some people ignore them , you know I prefer to ignore them rather than taunt them , er possibly because I was n't really friendly with any of them that did go back , I think people who were close friends have found it very awkward and I know even now they 're probably looking daggers at each other you know , that sort of thing .
53 Occasionally some of the other ranks could be seen driving old Chevvies ( they brought their own cars with them rather than risk going to local garages ) with number plates proclaiming their owners to be from the Potato or Sunshine States or , ironically , from the Land of the Free .
54 Similar sequences , known as self-initiated insertion sequences , are common in the talk of monolinguals : " self-initiated " because the current speaker starts them rather than being prompted by another , and " insertion sequences " because they disrupt the " normal " flow of the conversation .
55 German supermarkets have resisted the idea of the PVC eating robot , as they would much rather customers took discarded packaging home with them rather than have their premises swarming with robots .
56 I just wonder erm , if this could n't be helped if you like , by increasing them rather than decreasing them , taking over perhaps some of the , not absolutely statutory , but some of the extra use of staff , and I do n't know if it 's possible , but at the moment I worry because some of the homes are only being inspected and visited by members anyway .
57 The rules appear to assume that a higher level of disclosure should be made to private customers , but unless the common law rules are altered by reference to the entirety of the rules and the assumptions in them rather than to a specific rule , this result may not be achieved .
58 The advantage of the hybrid model is that the courts retain some control over the regulatory rules in the sense that they are not bound to give effect to them rather than the general law if they are considered unreasonable .
59 D S S will actually pay them rather than telling us to pay them .
60 Probably better just to take them home , and look at them rather than compile them now .
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