Example sentences of "[pers pn] [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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121 What she 'd had was a double-booking , effectively , cos she 'd had this dinner which was meant to be in the private dining hall , but the numbers had suddenly shot up , and because they 'd said originally they wanted either the private dining hall or the main dining hall depending on numbers , she should have really booked them both and decided later and told me to like try somewhere else , but she did n't , she told me yeah the dining hall 's free .
122 No , me got to sing
123 ‘ Jack and me got married very quietly yesterday afternoon . ’
124 They have to live with the fear of sudden attacks that leave them struggling to breathe .
125 They have to live with the fear of sudden attacks that leave them struggling to breathe .
126 Fuel air and coal 's the other let me think let me think er er and what else was there I forgotten .
127 A few weeks before I could n't have found Madeira on a map — now what I saw made me vow to return every year .
128 Music to thee doth howl .
129 On that occasion , much of the room was in darkness , and the two gentlemen were sitting side by side midway down the table — it being much too broad to allow them to sit facing one another — within the pool of light cast by the candles on the table and the crackling hearth opposite .
130 Perhaps our HCI Rep will persuade me to go sailing .
131 Any time now he 's going to ask me to go roller-skating .
132 ‘ You ca n't expect me to go hefting bowls of boiling water .
133 You ca n't really expect me to go fishing about underneath your bed if I do n't even know what I might find under it , now can you ? ’
134 And er erm they saw me on the you know television programme and they asked me to go go to the school and
135 Why do you always force me to go chasing after you ? ’
136 You want me to go jumping out of Dorniers again at five thousand feet in the dark like last time over Ireland and you try to hand me that kind of bollocks . ’
137 But you did n't expect me to go rummaging around in Paula 's diary , did you ? ’
138 " It 's just that it 's all very well to talk about his responsibility and all that — nobody thinks how awful it would be for me to go crawling to him wailing , I 'm in tro-uble ?
139 Sometimes she would ask me to go blackberrying with her or , as she would say , to open a tin of tangerines with her .
140 X 's secretary , formerly for eight years secretary to Judge now of the European Court of Justice and formerly an advocate who lives just along , came with me to see get the Royal Bank/Univ Alumnus of the Year Award on Saturday .
141 It often breaks her great big heart when she to me doth say ,
142 And while with me doth dwell this wearied ghost ,
143 A lot of them failed to reach that desirable goal .
144 But although they both tried to smile still , neither of them failed to notice the past tense she had used for the word ‘ love ’ .
145 It may well be that some of them regret having made the decision .
146 I am sure you would be amused if you could see me struggling to do such a basic ‘ computer thing ’ as merely use it as a word processor !
147 Me struggling to prove a point when all the time you 've decided , made up your mind . ’
148 Mothers shaved the heads of their daughters and then made them undress to take cold baths in public on the Hill of Calvary .
149 A range of pine furniture ready for me to paint according to your needs .
150 He were just made me laugh come on then I 'll just come out with you , in the garden .
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