Example sentences of "[pers pn] [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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91 She makes you see reason — she made me want to smile more and drink less .
92 It 's got ta make me jump up and down and make me want to knock walls down to secure a deal . ’
93 It made me want to run out and play the first two albums post haste , which is no bad thing .
94 It made me want to throw up ! ’
95 You make me want to throw up !
96 I think about buying some fags but the headache 's still there behind my eyes and I have the feeling smoking a cigarette would make me want to throw up .
97 ‘ You make me want to throw up . ’
98 It made me want to throw up .
99 At least — at least — I do n't know what it is about you , Miss Abbott , but you make me want to bare my soul to you — I did have a wife once , years ago , when I was very young , but she left me , not I her , to live with someone else .
100 It makes me want to roll up my sleeves , ’ McQuaid said in praise and plain enjoyment at the prospect of it as the plates were put on the table .
101 But it also makes me want to work harder , ’ Navratilova said .
102 Ian is OK — friendly and cheerful — but there 's something about Robert that makes me want to fight him all the time . ’
103 This year four of them agreed to set a low common external tariff instead .
104 As the crews tied up for the last time in Southampton , watched , and waited for by families and friends they had n't seen for eight months , many of them agreed getting back to a routine , going back to work , might by tough .
105 Dr Robert Upshall said copies of the Green Party 's charter were sent to the three candidates but none of them agreed to sign it .
106 Election candidates in Darlington have failed to meet the Green challenge , according to Dr Robert Upshall , who said copies of the Green Party 's charter were sent to the three main candidates but none of them agreed to sign it .
107 The agreement was a verbal agreement only on the first day of the new year and the two of them agreed to share profits equally .
108 The upshot was that after much argument all three of them agreed to help out , and all five of us did manage to get to the church on time .
109 Your wife should contact your tax office , or call at the nearest local office , and ask them to arrange to open a set of records for her .
110 ‘ One of them asked to go to the lavatory .
111 Neither of them asked to see a girl called Evelyn Harris and Jackie guessed correctly that her letter had gone astray , though he never said as much to her .
112 Well only just to really , actually all Mr Mr has er said , and just one other bit of information , the time when the Chairman of the council extended the invitation to sixth formers , looking for alternative entertainment for the sixth formers of school , after they sat through a full council , I took them over to the er archivists er department , and we saw the paper restor , sorry , should n't say paper restorer , manuscript restorer at work , and these sixth formers , already knew of the existence , one of them asked to see the records of parish , because he knew they were there , and I mean , I think this is wonderful , that the sixth formers already , er children are being taught about the ar the records , and they will want to be sure that we kept them , and I think it 's our moral duty to keep er , the records of the past for future generations .
113 On Oct. 25 France announced the suspension of aid , and the last French troops were withdrawn on Oct. 30 in spite of calls from the opposition for them to remain to prevent more killing .
114 Sure , nearly 60 per cent of them admitted committing some sort of crime or incivility in the nine months prior to being questioned .
115 Yes erm listening to the punters I mean I know loads of people come up here and there 's one thing which all of them tend to say and that this place is threatening .
116 Always work a sample for tension with these lace patterns , fabrics with holes in them tend to need fewer stitches because the work becomes more elastic .
117 Each knows the weaknesses in its own and in the other approaches and therefore debates between them tend to result in predictable discussions within a well-trodden terrain .
118 Fads breed products with a short life-cycle , such as pop records and other leisure items ; fashions tend to develop or reappear over the course of years , and the products which follow them tend to have a relatively long life-cycle .
119 An additional problem that has dogged personality theories is that of tautology ; if the categories are to mean anything , they must not be identified only by the fact that the people who fall into them tend to commit crimes .
120 Whole oats need to be fed in a larger quantity , as a proportion of them tend to pass undigested through the horse ; and crushed oats are usually smashed into oblivion , and reduced to a poor quality feed of husks and dust .
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