Example sentences of "[noun pl] ' time " in BNC.

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31 The speech was well received by the delegates and a motion was carried unanimously to send a fact-finding team to Zimbala in six months ' time to monitor the situation with a view to readmitting the country to the United Nations .
32 If you need it in three months ' time , buy it in three months ' time .
33 If you need it in three months ' time , buy it in three months ' time .
34 He had been Head of Modern Languages since 1920 , and was due to retire in five months ' time .
35 Lying in bed at night , she would remind herself that in only a few months ' time she would be his , and would have assumed his name and taken on the position of head of his household .
36 In two months ' time the slopes would be a vista of hazy blue .
37 Rather than saying that £100 invested today at an annual rate of 10 per cent will yield £110 in 12 months ' time , we say that £1 10 due in 12 months ' time has a present value of £100 today .
38 Rather than saying that £100 invested today at an annual rate of 10 per cent will yield £110 in 12 months ' time , we say that £1 10 due in 12 months ' time has a present value of £100 today .
39 The second complaint made by the local authority is that the justices specifically said by paragraph ( 1 ) of their contact order that there should be no contact between T. and her father until after the local authority review in six months ' time .
40 but if you if you if that 's all you do then in eve even a week 's time but definitely in a few months ' time it 's just gone .
41 In it he explained that he would leave the farm in three months ' time .
42 In the end , to please her , I promised to get a job in six months ' time .
43 ‘ In about six months ' time I 'm going to be a father . ’
44 it up again here , so I did n't mi wish to discuss it like this so as I said it 's gon na be twelve months ' time .
45 Try leaving his nappy off again in a few months ' time .
46 So , although we are seeking approval now , for the whole total , we will in fact pay half in six months ' time er as is normal procedure on , on our water bills .
47 Er we will get on to the er the press and people , to really get out to the people , to save our , it 's no good saying , in nine months ' time , why was n't there something done , for our hospitals ?
48 This would mean that a buyer would pay 99,000 and receive 99,000 plus 1,000 in three months ' time .
49 In a few months ' time she might hardly remember his name .
50 In a few months ' time I will take my G.C.S.E. ( General Certificate of Secondary Education ) .
51 What was the use of tallies that might , perhaps , be valid in theory , and even capable of being turned into cash in six months ' time , or a year , but were so much paper now , and no use to disgruntled archers and men-at-arms whose need was for coin that could be spent at once ?
52 The principal reason is that the Government will be defeated in four or five months ' time and be replaced by a Labour Government who will take the Bill off the statute book as soon as they come to power .
53 Some of those activities will be continued whichever Government are administering the country 's affairs in six or seven months ' time .
54 The future of British Coal depends on the results of the next general election in a few months ' time , and I do not think that any hon. Member or the Minister would refute that .
55 The Minister has also criticised our lack of proposals for individual units , but when we table questions to get information on which to base proposals , which perhaps we will be implementing in six months ' time , we can not get proper answers from the Government .
56 I assure the Minister that in six months ' time , when he is in opposition , we will be kinder to him and much more open with information .
57 For the Community as a whole , the Maastricht agreement and all its areas — including the social provisions , which the others will accept outside the treaty on the basis of a separate protocol to be agreed in a few months ' time — were the significant aspect .
58 I look forward to the day , in a few months ' time , when my right hon. Friend the Member for Islwyn ( Mr. Kinnock ) will be getting back into the main stream of that debate and participating fully in the European Community for the benefit of all our citizens .
59 In his opening speech to Congress , Yeltsin put forward a six-point plan , aimed at strengthening presidential powers temporarily , at the expense of those of the legislature , until the promulgation of a new Constitution for the Russian Federation in about 18 months ' time .
60 If the Treasury economic simulation model predicts 15% inflation in 18 months ' time then people 's behaviour may well be influenced by the expectation that the model is correct in its predictions , no matter how good or objective the data on which the simulation was based .
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