Example sentences of "[noun pl] [conj] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 Go to almost any city and you find sink estates where you get the feeling that the council hates the place and the people too .
32 The nature of H.T. and Floribunda bushes suggests that they should be planted in isolation , or in long and narrow strips where they can be approached both sides .
33 So we need a better way to practise our scales where we can relate to a key area from any one of the seven notes in the scale .
34 And the story was that they were er ex railway shareholder 's sons or you know all this .
35 ‘ Give me sons or I shall die , ’ said Leah to Jacob ( Genesis 30 : 6 ) , expressing the anguish suffered by many people on learning they may not be able to have children .
36 She might not be able to produce the required number of sons or she might produce only daughters or she might even be childless .
37 ‘ You had to be able to play a lot of different things in the clubs or you 'd get killed !
38 The reason for setting aside a through the request as researchers where we 're actually going to go through all the procedures , highlighting , the changes are and why .
39 Make sure you do n't overcook the vegetables or they will go soft .
40 The system of planning controls imposes limits on their freedom to locate operations where they will or to increase the scale , or change the nature , of the activities carried on at a particular site .
41 Parsytec reckons it is ideal for bank , insurance , legal , database and government operations where it can be used to automate the keying in of information for processing , archival and retrieval .
42 She was so preoccupied that she merely nodded , but she looked up sharply when he added , ‘ Dawn has offered to help with any difficult operations where you might need assistance . ’
43 Precisely either Professor and his party believe in the that certain courses of action are right , that they espouse certain policies or they become hopeless opportunists .
44 79/80 class lists are included with these notes where they were not personally collected on the 21st June .
45 I have to have the full eight hours or I ca n't do a thing the next morning , not a single thing .
46 And its ambitions spread much wider still — into realms where it could come a cropper
47 PET ‘ HOTEL HATES ’ ( THE FREQUENT ONES ) * narrow stairs and no lifts * low shower pressure * telephone kiosks built for left-handed midgets * only one plug , down on the floor under the bed and 5AMP * hairdryers on 1m fixed lead from the floor socket 3m away from wall mirror facing opposite direction * just two 40 watt lamps to read and work by * toilet rolls positioned for contortionists only * room service that brings each course separately throughout Dallas * radiators that have n't been on for years * radiators that wo n't go off * basins that take half an hour to empty after you 've cleaned your teeth and you want to shave * stoppers that hang under the cold water tap but do n't reach the drain * stoppers that have no chain so you wallow in the dirty water to find them * toilets where you can sit down or close the door but not both
48 Brisk afternoon winds do blow , exciting passages are possible , and there are many coves where you can anchor alone just to relax in perfect peace .
49 At first the health authorities will have to place their contracts where they have placed them in the past .
50 Poor cutlery will have tiny burrs inside the fork prongs where it has been stamped out of the sheet of metal .
51 Does my right hon. Friend agree that there is a place for parliamentary contacts where we have no diplomatic relations ?
52 As winter sets in , go to your local riding school which will often have its own indoor school ( the only civilised way to ride when the weather is really foul ) or try to build up some local contacts where you can offer your services .
53 As we approach the end of the diet and exercise programme , it is important to decide at this stage how you intend to proceed afterwards.If you have a significant amount of weight to lose you have the choice of continuing on the diet menus as included in the daily plans or you can follow the diet contained in my Complete Hip and Thigh Diet .
54 As he landed heavily on the linoleum , the doctor called to him : ‘ Tell her I 'll be paying the ten shillings or she wo n't come . ’
55 Conciliation facilities are available in the county courts where you go for the divorce .
56 US courts which had collected evidence against drug traffickers would now be able to pass this on to Colombian courts where it could be used against suspects standing trial .
57 This means that in all states where they are evaluated , unc ( say ) is always strictly larger than
58 Fond memories of Jerry Lee Lewis who blew up a storm of indignation in the 1950s , not to mention Presley , whose subversive pelvis was banned from television in some American states where it was only permitted to film Elvis-the-Pelvis from the waist upwards .
59 The French government tried to save money by accrediting the consul-general it sent to Japan in 1858 also as chargé d'affaires ( a device quite often used outside Europe , mainly in minor Latin-American states where it was expected that political relations would be very much subordinate to commercial ones ) .
60 First it was pointed out that , whatever the intention , rehabilitation does punish people ; in particular , it allows people to be put into institutions where they would rather not be .
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