Example sentences of "[conj] i [vb base] " in BNC.

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31 " Where I eat , " he replied .
32 Straight at me where I kneel unbalanced , precariously lodged between joist and board .
33 And she had opened my locked drawer where I keep my private papers , but I 'm not going to mention that .
34 ‘ On Lee Beach there 's a safe anchorage where I keep my old fishing boat , ’ said her host .
35 Where I keep all my club things at the end there where the medicine thing is .
36 For me it begins to be noticeable at the railway station where I get off the train each evening , and becomes gradually stronger , like a magnetic field , as I walk up the hill .
37 De Burgh hems me in on every side but where the sea is , save only Chester , where I thank God for Earl Ranulf .
38 ‘ Is this where I make the noble suggestion of keeping away at weekends to leave you free to sail as much as you want ? ’ he demanded .
39 The photograph must have been taken from about twelve feet in front of her , where I surmise Summerchild 's desk was .
40 Turning , then , to the relationship of criminal law and legal theory , I asked what legal theory might contribute to criminal law and I dealt with two central issues ; first , the limits of exposition imposed by the nature of legal rules which , I argue , are essentially incomplete and therefore incapable of a final , exhaustive statement ; and , secondly , the nature of methodological purity , where I argue against a tendency to distort data to fit a favoured critical principle .
41 Come and see the sorcerer 's kitchen where I brew up the grotesque potions that make me a legend here . ’
42 Arsenal have had also apart from the first game , where I doubt coventry went looking to attack , rather than counter attack .
43 in the empty market-place , where I imagine myself
44 ‘ Look , it 's none of your business where I go , ’ he said .
45 Where I go in my free time is none of your business , you interfering old cow . ’
46 Where I go Meredith law goes , ’ the Captain said loudly .
47 I basically leave them stock , except for the lead pickup , where I go with a Lace Sensor Super Lead .
48 ‘ E's my brother an' where I go 'e goes , ’ I replied defiantly .
49 But where I go I do n't need them .
50 And where I go , it goes . ’
51 And before you can say another word — let me repeat , if you choose to stay with me , you go where I go . ’
52 And where I go , you go .
53 But I am due to take a trip to the Indian Ocean shortly where I hope to go swimming in a warmer sea !
54 Today , the pheasant survives only in the southern part of my province , Ha Tinh , where I hope we can create a special reserve to protect it from hunters and ultimate extinction .
55 Where I hope he will reflect on the unwisdom of employing his charm and duplicity on a woman as sharp as I. ’
56 where I hope to be forgiven
57 Although Johnson twice found the hillocky little town lacking — ‘ At night we came to Bamff [ sic ] , where I remember nothing that particularly claimed my attention ’ ; and ‘ Finding nothing to detain us at Bamff , we set out in the morning ’ — he yet managed to write a short exercise in observation of Scottish small borough architecture .
58 I turn for where I remember the door to be and see others pitching forward , slamming drinks down to cover their faces with their hands .
59 Following this period in the homoeopathic hospital I worked for two years in a professorial immunological unit where I set up studies in allergy to assess the efficacy of homoeopathic remedies in house-dust-mite allergy and hay fever ( allergy to grass pollens ) .
60 The view from this room where I write these last pages is small , but it will serve as an epitome of the gentle unravished English landscape .
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