Example sentences of "[conj] it [adv] " in BNC.

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31 Nevertheless , it was necessary to attempt do so : the alternative was to confess that the administration had failed where it most wanted to succeed .
32 But there is some duplication in the figures of government revenues , because in the years covered by the table about half of the gross revenues of the republics and provinces was transferred to the federation ( where it again appears as revenue ) .
33 I quickened my step to reach the quieter part of the hall , where it always seemed darker .
34 He paused and said , frowning , ‘ I presume it 's in the boathouse , where it always is . ’
35 By the time we are grown we are a badly mixed solution , but if the water can resurface , where it rightly belongs , then we will be as we once were , before all those hurts arrived .
36 To add 153 public houses to AW 's tied estate , a sector in which AW is currently under-represented in the North West , where it currently has only 187 public houses .
37 I was I was wondering too , myself , as I was travelling here where where it actually came from because er I do n't remember as a child , myself , doing something like this .
38 The family in the song is the circle of friends , where it almost seemed , because we were so identical , that for anybody to make any progress in life , we 'd have to split up .
39 From here , the Westbury Brook flows on through the meadows , towards the Severn , where it once powered Severn Mill , on the river bank .
40 The presence of the black swan in the islands only emphasised for Gould its unnatural absence from the large rivers , such as the Derwent , on mainland Tasmania where it once abounded :
41 There is a lot of blood ; it looks red where it seeps into the white sheets , black where it quietly pools .
42 He slid his hand to her hip , where it gently rotated in a maddeningly sensual rhythm .
43 We had some extremely hot gear lying around so we asked them if they 'd have a go at getting rid of it for us out of town where it maybe would have cooled down somewhat .
44 As a generalisation this is all too true : however there are areas where the gap is narrow or narrowing and others where it hardly exists .
45 You see , I knew of a place in southern Africa where it hardly ever rains .
46 The visioncare business , which Pilkington has been nurturing for three years and where it now ranks in the world 's top three , increased its operating profits by £4.4 million to £18.8 million .
47 The visioncare business , which Pilkington has been nurturing for three years and where it now ranks in the world 's top three , increased its operating profits by £4.4 million to £18.8 million .
48 The Community 's authority would be extended to many areas , like health and education , where it now has no legal remit ; majority voting in the Council of Ministers would be reinforced ; the European Parliament would be given extra power to block laws it does not like ; and a small step might be taken towards a common EC defence policy .
49 Despite this early re-appraisal only in 1971 did the responsibility for the care of the mentally handicapped move back to the local authorities , where it now remains .
50 It will maintain a sales and support network in the 150 countries where it now has a presence , but there may be cuts in both Wang employee numbers and the type of facilities it will operate .
51 This moved , long since , up to the campus , where it now has premises on one side of the main gateway .
52 In 1977 it reformed as a more practical campaigning organization and moved to Mexico City where it now works with low-income women .
53 I , personally , do not think it a very good idea to have carpet in the dining room where it only picks up smells and gets dirtier more quickly than in most places since people do , without fail , drop things .
54 The charge is then transferred onto a sheet of paper where it then attracts ( or repels ) particles of finely ground black plastic and so creates the black and white areas of the finished page .
55 With an oath the Weasel hurled the time-teller far out into the heather , where it possibly hit a stone .
56 That night , when he awoke in the full certainty that someone else was in the room , he reached for it , where it usually lay by his headrest ; but he had barely moved before he felt its point at his throat .
57 Did it come down in remote forest land where it still lay , gradually decaying ?
58 Nor is Zurich neglecting its home base , where it still earns nearly a quarter of its premiums and does nearly half of its life insurance business .
59 But instead of looking at her , he was staring down at her hand where it still lay on his arm .
60 Nonetheless , the right of journalists and broadcasters to demand trial by jury , in those areas of criminal law where it still exists , is an important security against interference with media freedoms — for reasons explained in 1885 by Dicey , the leading writer on our unwritten constitution : " Freedom of discussion is , then , in England little else than the right to write or say anything which a jury , consisting of 12 shopkeepers , think it expedient should be said or written …
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