Example sentences of "[modal v] [adv] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 And they 've got ta try and walk backwards I 'll just sort of go whoop !
32 Right , this is an extremely good slide , I did take this myself , erm of the actual dress of the eighteen forties , I 'll just sort of point out its components .
33 A broad-beamed fellow like myself should have no difficulty careering it across the ironing board , although a woman or even a bachelor-wimp might sooner resort to an old-fashioned metal iron than attempt to put this monster through its paces .
34 Do n't fuck about , he 'll fucking deck you .
35 Could we just go on to twenty one and we might just sort of stop this part of the lesson there .
36 I bet she 'll probably side with you .
37 Those with money burning a hole in their pocket might also car to visit the casino .
38 Gardeners might also fork out £2,000 for a statue-alarm — now commonplace in gardens owned by the National Trust .
39 Where these key indicators illustrate the most favourable conditions er we are going to base our main advertising campaign and I 'll now hand you over to my colleague .
40 Well I 'll tomorrow morning phone them up find out exactly what time , and register you rather than me if it 's you know if I ca n't get to it .
41 They might tomorrow night , I do n't know !
42 A parallel AS/400 might even surface one day , the company suggests .
43 You might even fracture your orbital plates — those are thin layers of bone above your eyes .
44 The movement that began with Greek sculpture rapidly added other new areas of study to the familiar territories of language and literature , issuing in a serious concern not simply with " the classics " , but with ancient civilization in all its aspects : aspects that might well centre on the " facts " of ancient life , its physical relics , its customs and institutions : all of which to be summed up in the German word Realien .
45 Their attempts as detailed in Easter Monday 's Guardian might well misfire .
46 If I give you some background to , to Moat and to the project itself , an and how we 're gon na approach the scheme I 'll then hand over to Alan who will talk about the design issues and the master plan and we 'll price the Three Hills and how they 'll they can meet that subjective .
47 I mean if it 's nice and we 'll either garden
48 Perhaps , who knows , the great Hoskins might yet grace King 's Magnum Parva with his presence .
49 Villages and towns might occasionally war with each other , but the fundamental basis of life was local .
50 When you ca n't do something you know , you might actually kind of , your whole body kind of starts to , and that would be the ego as it were trying to express this , this er drive from the id .
51 ‘ If yer do n't git in line fast enough ivery time yer 'll never git a ‘ undred , ’ was the Old Stager 's greeting in praise of the innings .
52 Yow 'll never goo ter 'eaven .
53 If you 're on a sailing or windsurf holiday you may still book without a supplement if you 're willing to share with someone on the same holiday .
54 Breaches of these and similar standards may directly disadvantage a particular customer .
55 I 'd rather autoexec
56 I 'd rather bed with the Devil than you , so go about your business and leave me alone . "
57 ‘ I 'd rather shovel shit , ’ said Tabitha .
58 ‘ I 'd rather grub around in the earth any day ! ’
59 He 'd rather finger Bach than Liszt .
60 Well they want , they want divorce and they 'd rather custody of the children and if they 'll some but she can allow them to take the children away cos the well the media coverage , they 've obviously got they have a law .
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