Example sentences of "[be] give [pron] " in BNC.

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31 The great man had stated that , apart from some very early examples , the towns had been given their defences by Hadrian ( c .
32 Those inside had been given their instructions .
33 He said : ‘ The Sids of old have been given their share certificates and they are reluctant to give them up .
34 Once a development and its house styles have been given their identity there 's one final area that needs addressing — naming the roads .
35 Two hundred and fifty workers at a factory recently taken over by an American company have been given their redundancy notices today .
36 ‘ I think the most important thing for the residents is that they have been given their dignity back , ’ said the Duchess afterwards .
37 In York , where the brutalists have not been given their head , only one building seems to attract disgust ; the Stonebow shopping and office scheme .
38 It is capitalist , and everybody will , would 've been given their own land .
39 Back at the 18th green the Princess had not yet been given her cue to come out onto the dais where the presentations were to be made .
40 The salutation seemed to open infinite possibilities , and expressed a recognition of his right to travel ; he felt welcomed , and also saw that he had been given something of inestimable value .
41 After all , the inspector himself admitted wondering whether Nicola had learnt or been given something that put her in danger .
42 The hound had been given something of Sir Henry 's to smell so that it would pick up his scent and follow him .
43 I gathered from the locals here that Leeds have been given something around the 2,500 mark so I expect they will go quite quickly .
44 I gathered from the locals here that Leeds have been given something around the 2,500 mark so I expect they will go quite quickly .
45 Ah yes , well you see , you see , in effect if you called her an old , that could 've been , that , that , that , that , that , that , that could 've been eh , that could 've been eh , that could 've been , you know , you could 've been given her a , that could 've of been a praise , you old cow .
46 The press had been given nothing but ‘ blurry , distorted photographs culled from television shots of occasions in the past at which North happened to be present ’ ; at best , ABC News had shown ‘ pictures of the back of a man 's head that may or may not have been North 's as the man got into an Embassy car in Cyprus on the occasion of the homeward flight of one of the hostages ’ .
47 Since joining his local unit , however , he had been given nothing to do but monotonous night drilling in almost inaccessible fields with shovels or hurleys as substitute rifles , dire shortage of arms and ammunition having restricted the unit to only two sessions of real firing practice .
48 The racegoers from the train were on the whole easily identifiable as they all seemed to have been issued with large red and white rosettes with Race Train passenger emblazoned on them in gold : and the rosettes proved not to be confined to those in the front half of the train because I came across Zak wearing one too , and he told me that everyone had been given one , the owners included , and where was mine ?
49 no I do n't like them at all he says , now my doctor had been given me this one
50 Perhaps he was awaiting the chance of revenge for the crack on the head that had been given him
51 The bomb Simon Cormack had been carrying on his person was concealed in the broad leather belt he wore around his waist and which had been given him by his abductors to hold up the denim jeans they had also provided for him .
52 A Victorian jug on the mantelpiece had been given him by Louise one Christmas .
53 Could see how his father would have resembled Han when he was younger ; as if age had been given him and youth to Han .
54 This is where information skills instruction has been given its opportunity .
55 Europe 's political structure in 1880 had been given its shape by the Congress of Vienna , the wars of the middle decades of the century and the Congress of Berlin .
56 In this respect , my analysis can be located close to the ‘ Alternative Economic Strategy ’ ( AES ) — which has been given its most lucid expression by the CSE London Working Group ( 1980 ) — in its acceptance of the need for socialists to offer constructive and credible proposals for regenerating economic growth and reducing unemployment even if these appear to fall short of ‘ true socialism ’ .
57 Modern science , which is commonly held to have been given its philosophical base by Descartes , has nearly always presupposed precisely this kind of dualistic contrast between objective matter and introspective mind .
58 Elvis 's vanity had been given its full and well-quiffed head .
59 Cowboys may wear them out of necessity and convicts in the USA may have been given them as part of their uniform , but one thing 's for sure , whatever the reason , most people simply would n't live without them .
60 The desired religion therefore , must be acceptable , on the one hand to those who follow it because their belief is founded on logic-induced conviction , and on the other hand to those who come to believe , because tentative faith has been given them by others and who have reached conviction through experience .
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