Example sentences of "[pron] [be] [pron] " in BNC.

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61 Neither have I been someone who devotes an enormous amount of time to the care of my own face and figure .
62 So do I are they not very warm ?
63 Can I can I just raise a question er to r to clarify the point before I answer your question that I are am I are we to assume that in response to Mr , erm it 's on the record that there 's a er a request to add , clear expression of local preference I by local planning authorities ?
64 Guild members are not content with the position in the cooperative world which may be summed up in the saying of the man ‘ My wife and I are one , and I am that one ’ .
65 ‘ Caroline and I are yours to command . ’
66 Oh , when I are you still interested in going to these sales ?
67 We are us , you are you , I am me and our friends are our friends !
68 I am not a full man , and nothing can ever alter that ; but I am me , and I regard that as compensation enough .
69 Perhaps in another month or so I will find I am one among 50 runners for the job . ’
70 And yet I am one who hopes to care
71 I should know , I am one ! ,
73 There are others ( amongst whom I am one ) who would argue that we need to give young children the opportunity to develop fully at their own pace and in their own individual ways .
74 I am one in a row of specimens .
75 Mind you , I have nothing against men — after all , I am one myself — but in the RAF there were too many of them .
76 I am one .
77 ‘ That 's because I am one , ’ I answered .
78 I had to pay over £1,000 to the Anne Charlton Lodge , Redcar , a home caring for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers , of which I am one .
79 I hate it , but I am somebody .
80 You will see I am something of a democrat . ’
81 I know that I am a thing made of metal and plastic , but also that I am something which lives inside that metal and plastic .
82 I do n't mind telling you , I am something of an expert at swimming myself , and I know some smashing spots for a jolly good sssplash up . ’
83 I am something else .
84 I am one man 's meat I am nobody 's fool I refuse to make fish of the
85 I am entitled to my children 's respect simply because I am their father/mother .
86 I only hope that when I am their age I will act a little better .
87 In his characteristic phrase , " I am their leader , I must follow them " — but he determined to follow them from the front .
88 That is like the motto of the famous French revolutionary leader who said , ’ I am their leader ; I must follow them . ’
89 Or rather I am myself , my new self .
90 We need a man , a strong man , now ; for I am myself old and must soon die . ’
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