Example sentences of "[pron] [be] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 The seven members of the Department ( two of whom are themselves Nottingham graduates ) are joined annually by assistants from Russia , Serbia , or Croatia and Slovenia .
32 Our contracts specify that private patients , many of whom are themselves blood donors , are not charged for the blood itself .
33 To whom are you accountable at College ?
34 To whom are you accountable at work ? ( part-time students )
35 [ to PAMELA ] To whom are you writing , Pamela ?
36 To whom are you attractive though , mademoiselle ?
37 ‘ Two worlds have collided and both of them are ours , ’ says James Zogby , director of the Arab-American Institute .
38 Yeah I know but they 're not exactly over run with them are they ?
39 Because they 're not constructively criticising them are they ?
40 they 're not as nice if you defrost frozen peas and then cook them are they ?
41 Cos you can but nobody 's gon na make them are they ?
42 And are they taking them are they ?
43 Chief among them are her sister Georganne and actress Michelle Pfeiffer , a best pal since their hit movie The Witches Of Eastwick .
44 The mass audiences and the technology for reaching them are what give the press and electronic media their character as mass media .
45 The relations between them are what matter .
46 I mean some , some of them are what , what I would deem as fairly easy , I mean I find history easy , but not everyone does
47 Perhaps you 'd like to pass them are you , erm , you could have a look at them .
48 Mind you , you 're not gon na get a delegate rate from them are you ?
49 Basically all of them are you know modernized .
50 oh you 're deep frying them are you ?
51 You 're not gon na them are you ?
52 You 're suing them are you ?
53 You 're gon na try them are you ?
54 They 've done most of them are I mean the wo certainly the ones on the little little boat trips and that , I mean , they have all it does is that it 'll tell you there 's some fish about , I mean , it does n't
55 ‘ How many of them are there ? ’ he asked .
56 ‘ How many of them are there ? ’
57 ‘ How many of them are there ? ’
58 ‘ How many of them are there ? ’
59 O K so if any of you could make because it 's one more interesting psychological ploys in the play , there are n't very many of them are there ? comedy I suppose I 'll play behaviour .
60 Dey are our role models
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