Example sentences of "[pron] [be] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Well I 'm not gon na get her one of them am I ?
2 Whom am I attempting to persuade ?
3 Whom am I persuading , and what are their various needs and values ?
4 Others had come to the conclusion , however , that these feelings originated from within themselves : a blind person had started to ask himself , ‘ To whom am I proving what ? ’
5 There is an equally strong academic and literary tradition which assumes the opposite ; in Flaubert 's words : " It is like body and soul : form and content to me are one .
6 Be Young , Be Foolish But Be Happy was a smash , her great new single , You To Me Are Everything is bounding up the charts and her new album , Sonia looks set to do the same .
7 The beings who know how to sympathize with me are my foliage .
8 The only people who can hurt or compliment me are my friends
9 The things they like about me are my gai-jin attitudes , and they laugh at a lot of my conclusions , I 'm sure — not to my face , but among themselves .
10 A : excuse me are you busy B : no not at all A : I wondered if I could have a word with you
11 And er he went up and examined the wife and he come down stairs and he said to me Are you the husband ?
12 You 're not going to kill me are you ? ’ she whimpered .
13 Zoe but no I said to Ange , and she said to me are you going ?
14 Oh well if he wants to know why I 'm there and me are you off sick I shall just show him a I 've got proof that I 've been off sick .
15 So you 're gon na beat me are you ?
16 I 'll pick any one of these , see if you can read it to me are you ready ?
17 Excuse me are you saying that Young Guns is not suitable for people under eighteen ?
18 cos said to me are you going to sleep ?
19 You 're gon na go for me are you you you got ta get out you get it
20 Cos , who was it who said to me are you taping us ?
21 So I said Lesley , she says to me are you in agreement with her ?
22 You 're not gon na use that again for me are you ?
23 Of course , I would have few grounds for complaint had the words attributed to me been my own .
24 Each real animal is surrounded by a little cluster of neighbours , most of whom have never existed , but a few of whom are its ancestors , its descendants and its cousins .
25 Whom are we to believe ?
26 If we define accountability as ‘ being answerable ’ to someone for our actions , then to whom are we answerable ?
27 Whom are we discussing ? ’
28 When your people talk about the company ( the organization ) , whom are they talking about ?
29 One way of examining bureaucracies is to ask the question : to whom are they responsive ?
30 Put into plain English , these are who is doing what for whom , and to whom are they answerable , what assumptions are being made , and in what environment is this happening ?
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