Example sentences of "[verb] was for " in BNC.

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31 The Foxley Wood project from Consortium Developments which Mr Patten 's predecessor said he was ‘ minded ’ to allow was for 4,800 new houses in a large shallow quarry and conifer plantation .
32 ‘ All the same , ’ she said , ‘ all I meant was for her to break a leg . ’
33 The last thing I would have wanted was for you to become emotionally involved with me . ’
34 The last thing she had wanted was for Luke to make a pass at her .
35 All it took was for one saleslady to tell her she looked lovely and Mrs McMahon was persuaded .
36 Anythin' I ever did was for me family .
37 It was a tradition that avoided any real contemplation of the root causes of German unease ; their preference for ‘ action ’ , rested secure in the knowledge that everything they did was for the good of the nation , sanctioned by law and sanctioned by the German people .
38 But the last thing I did was for a guitar player in Nashville , Chip Young , who put together an album — which incidentally is getting released pretty soon — and he has ten tracks with ten different guests : local session players , myself , Chet 's on one , Grady Martin , Jerry Reed , Jerry Kennedy , Wayne Moss and various other guys , but I think guitar players out there will like it . ’
39 ‘ Everything they did was for their business .
40 The only mortgage I 'd get was for twenty odd thousand .
41 Well we 've had a go well I think it was for erm some sort of I think was for multiple sclerosis
42 That look I think was for when he next meets Gareth Gilcock .
43 The mine I always pictured was for lead ,
44 All that was left was for her to undress him .
45 When I was a bit older , I thought he was probably a thief and that the bag he carried was for the loot . ’
46 In fact , although the manual supplied with the machine I purchased was for a KH710 , the machine turned out to be a KH585 , possibly an earlier model .
47 One option that had been canvassed was for staffing ratios and care standards merely to be maintained rather than improved as the hospitals declined .
48 Where was that bungalow that you said was for sale then ?
49 It is possible that one of the epitaphs Leapor wrote was for Mary Freemantle , rather than for her own mother as first seems likely [ ML , 1 , 263 ] .
50 First good watch I had was for my twenty first , I 've still got , it still goes
51 It was no secret that Jahsaxa monitored Zambia 's quarters : the cameras were blatantly undisguised , which Jahsaxa had insisted was for Zambia 's own safety .
52 All I did n't want to happen was for him to become violent , which I did n't think was ever on the cards .
53 Often the only way for that to happen was for those already in the cities to move out and for those contemplating a move in not to come .
54 Every female role he made was for his wife , even though she was well past her prime ; Semenyaka 's youth was wasted stepping into others ' shoes .
55 I was saying that the proportion of advertising expenditure given was for that in the two lowest tar groups , which was rather less than the proportion of total sales .
56 But did you realize that dare was for you ?
57 All that remained was for the Lord Chancellor by statutory instrument to appoint a day for s9 to come into effect .
58 I have was for many years the national chairman of the Association of Independent Businesses .
59 At this stage Hitler 's plans were still fluid , but the last thing he wanted was for the useful Danzig problem to be solved .
60 The last thing I wanted was for some motorist to hit one of my owls just when it was establishing itself .
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