Example sentences of "[verb] was for " in BNC.

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1 Such French capital as Poland managed to secure was for specific projects like the new port at Gdynia — which was encouraged by the French to discomfort the Germans as much as to aid the Poles .
2 George Headley and Learie Constantine were the giants of the early Test years who did most to establish the team ; Garfield Sobers was for twenty years the supreme all-rounder of the game 's history ; Clive Lloyd devised the concept of a quartet of pace bowlers who would carry all relentlessly before them .
3 Sentence of death was passed on 8 convicts at the Old Bailey , 4 of whom were executed on 15 Feb. : ‘ One of those who suffered was for robbing a farmer 's boy of sixpence . ’
4 So on 13 and 14 March the best that could be done was for him to give Harwell full details and let them get on with it themselves ( see Chapter 7 ) .
5 Everything he had done was for this final purpose , " that I might dwell among them " ( Exodus 29:43–46 ) .
6 Everything he had ever done was for the woman he could not forget .
7 ‘ The first day 's threshing I done was for a man by the name of Rogers , Harry Rogers .
8 The lease negotiated was for twenty years at a rental of £20,000 subject to possible increases up to a maximum of £22,000 .
9 The first play they mounted was for Alan and his family — to celebrate the completion of the pageant .
10 The data prepared was for directories such as Crockford 's Clerical Directory and the OUP General Catalogue .
11 The only payment I received was for travelling expenses from COHSE .
12 All that was needed was for someone to take Rowland 's ascetic vision/version of soul fanaticism and commandeer it for political ends .
13 What was needed was for the Government to spend much more money , in a more caring fashion .
14 What was needed was for us to get together with an arbitrator .
15 All that was needed was for one kind of film to do well at the box-office and a new Hollywood format would be established .
16 Perhaps , as Ho said later , all that was needed was for the French to pronounce one word : independence ; but on both sides this was the most fraught and emotional issue .
17 Much of the cider produced was for local consumption , with farmers bringing in their cartloads of apples for processing .
18 The only way in which it could have been avoided was for de Gaulle to change his style of leadership .
19 In Scotland the pattern followed was for Regional Councils and constituent Districts .
20 What followed was for Charlotte a demeaning and ultimately frustrating experience .
21 The other bearers took the traditional view that the right thing to do was for Yussuf to get rid of her and find another one ; but for reasons known only to himself Yussuf was reluctant to do this .
22 The last thing South Africa needed was for tourists , especially British tourists , to be murdered on the beaches .
23 Their private parts were firmly jammed in the wringer and all it needed was for somebody to the rescue .
24 All it needed was for the envelope to be stuck down .
25 Luke Calder was used to getting what he wanted from life , and the last thing she needed was for him to turn his sights on to her , even though it might only be to put her back in her place !
26 Until she 'd made up her mind one way or the other , the last thing she needed was for rumours of an imminent retirement from music to start circulating .
27 The last thing she needed was for the plane to go without her .
28 Little damage had been done , all it needed was for the cargo to be reassembled , but , while several tourists were rushing energetically around attempting to do this , the drivers of the carts had taken time off to chat .
29 For example , all the competitors had to blow into what resembled a gas meter and the capacity of the lung was recorded , I failed to see the point of this exercise , and that , with other medical experiements , only fired my resolve to upset the doctors ' wager , which I believe was for a box of cigars .
30 But the whole point of Pam being there , my being fostered , was if I could n't cope was for her to take over .
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