Example sentences of "[verb] the time " in BNC.

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31 I was surprised she could spare the time in the middle of an election campaign and concluded it was genuinely urgent .
32 Eventually she would train them to produce the kinds of designs she favoured , but for the moment , until she had her first collection down on paper , quite frankly she could n't spare the time .
33 Just the way you once wished it could when you were regretting the good old days when a man could keep his unsuitable mistress hidden away , knowing she 'd be there waiting upon his pleasure , whenever he felt the urge and could spare the time to see her .
34 She could spare the time for France .
35 And of course that also meant she could n't possibly spare the time to do her usual singing spot in the club .
36 Alex and Fred could ( if they can spare the time ) advise the CPL staff on assessing each potential adoptee on their merit regardless of where they live .
37 ‘ The telephone never stops and I can hardly spare the time even to make myself a cup of tea .
38 Buddy , can you spare the time ?
39 I remember sitting in a hotel in Lymm thinking that I could n't really spare the time for the Managing Quality course but I 'd run out of excuses !
40 As the traders often can not spare the time to come to the staff restaurant , they can place their breakfast and lunch orders in advance and CCG staff serve them at their desks .
41 Lord Jesus , thank you for a nice sleep , thank you for another day , please help us to do the kind of things that you want us to do , prayer for Christopher to behave at school , help him to do his best and for daddy at work , for Tim and I as we stay at home , help us to know the kind of things we do and this afternoon when grandma comes we 'll spare the time for her as well , Amen .
42 Puts watch on table and records the time on a pad . )
43 Next the program or event that you are trying to time occurs and then a very similar line records the time when it comes to and end .
44 A group of early printed books includes the Works of Cicero printed in 1569 , while even earlier is the tome of 1553 which records the time when Newcastel upon Tine annexed Gateside .
45 I had forgotten to bring anything to read with me , so I passed the time by staring thoughtfully at the emptiness around me , sipping a glass of water and making up Scandinavian riddles —
46 Mcduff passed the time writing letters .
47 ‘ It passed the time , ’ Nicholas said .
48 He knew most of the men who used the line and passed the time of day with them .
49 He passed the time Dreamwalking .
50 They sang songs like the birds and made shapes on the walls ; and though these could help them not at all , yet they passed the time and enabled them to tell themselves that they were splendid fellows , the very flower of Rabbitry , cleverer than magpies .
51 It passed the time .
52 With Mr Boyd ministering , and Lady Errol attending to her children , Boswell and Johnson passed the time — it will have been close to , or even after , seven o'clock by now — chatting quietly , admiring the sea view , inspecting the pictures , including a portrait of Lord Errol by their ‘ amiable and elegant friend ’ , of whom Johnson observed , concluding some complimentary remarks , ‘ Sir Joshua Reynolds is the most invulnerable man I know ; the man with whom if you should quarrel , you would find the most difficulty how to abuse . ’
53 They passed the time chatting as they knitted or mended .
54 The rest of the staff passed the time each in his own way .
55 It was time for a film , a film I had watched before , however I did not mind as it passed the time .
56 It passed the time .
57 He passed the time of day with Two Coats the tramp .
58 Once you shared the time .
59 We 've calculated the time from how deeply it had settled in the mud .
60 The Ellan Vannin Diaries have obligingly altered the time of their deliveries to a later hour in response to one or two complaints of sleep disturbance .
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