Example sentences of "[verb] be on " in BNC.

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31 Brain , the team 's only international , has been on the point of resigning both as a player and as the club 's salaried steward , and his decision will not be known until today .
32 The Congress 's disarray — radical democrats argue that it should be disbanded — has been on embarrassing display this week as deputies argued over what to call their state .
33 Ever since then , Labour has been on the defensive , both ideologically and demographically .
34 WHILE our attention has been on the General Election and its aftermath , the Serbs have been up to their old tricks .
35 The main emphasis of the HIDB has been on halting depopulation by the saving and creation of employment .
36 Also , much of the money for the campaign has come from the community itself , and where outside groups have provided assistance , either financially or otherwise , it has been on the terms of the YCCC rather than anyone else .
37 Because the company has been on its present site for over a century it recognises its responsibilities to the environment and to the local community .
38 The traditional approach to the training and selection of headteachers has been on the basis of technical competence reinforced by practical experience .
39 Indeed , in most examples , the emphasis has been on social systems in which males sporting the elaborate character are polygamous and have little to do with other aspects of reproduction .
40 The engine has been on an electronic diagnosis machine ( like a Sun tester ) and everything was shown to be set just about right .
41 So far in this discussion the emphasis has been on the voluntary nature of the ‘ obligations ’ of the active citizen , which is to be encouraged through the educational system and in other ways about which , it must be said , there is fairly broad agreement across the political spectrum .
42 In the case of Thailand , legislation has been on the statute books for at least twenty years , but its Constitution of October 1976 and Interim Constitution of November 1977 contain no mention of environmental protection at all , as also is the case of the Philippines ( Shane , in MacAndrews and Chia Lin Sien , eds. 1979 ) .
43 India has a number of diseases all her own , but if there is any suggestion that a foreign filly has been on the loose in a British stud she is rejected as unclean .
44 The show was commissioned by the Rochdale Art Gallery in 1987 , staged there in '89 and has been on the road since then .
45 ( And before you shudder at the thought , may I , as someone who has been on the receiving end , assure you that it does not hurt .
46 The possibility that the CAB basic training course should become a recognised certificated qualification has been on the agenda .
47 However , the emphasis in LMS training has been on a whole-school approach , with governors , teachers , office staff , cleaners , caretakers , technicians , ancillary staff and LEA representatives working together for a full day in a particular school .
48 Ever since the first public park was opened at Ormeau on Easter Saturday 1871 , the commitment to providing public open space has been on the increase .
49 Rather , the emphasis has been on reviewing health authority performance on a more aggregate level , through the development of performance indicators ( DHSS , 1983 ) , supported by the review process .
50 However , the emphasis in the project so far has been on formulating these individual solutions rather than on co-ordinating them .
51 The chief emphasis has been on instructing children in the use of the library and to a lesser extent on the promotion of reading amongst schoolchildren .
52 The British Library Research and Development Department , which , along with the National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales and the Schools Council , has funded most of this research , is aware of that problem , and using a standing committee called the Discussion Group on User Education in Schools , it is endeavouring to bring the research into general practice , and even to extend the influence of the work into other levels of education , eg primary schools ( the concentration has been on secondary education so far ) .
53 Most of the NII 's work so far has been on an earlier ‘ reference design ’ , which has now been superseded by a ‘ contract ’ design .
54 The new ship , which has been on the drawing boards since the late 1970s , will be a research vessel .
55 This was a splendid entrepreneurial venture and he has been on the attack ever since — as a one-man information explosion and the biggest influence on British printing since Caxton .
56 Hungarian-born pianist Gyorgy Gziffra has never been as well known , or for that matter , as well regarded in England as he has been on the Continent or in the USA .
57 But this CD has been on my player many times since it arrived .
58 More recently the focus has been on literature which might be thought of as racially damaging .
59 Thirdly , some of the legislation has been on the statute books for a considerable time , perhaps long after the original and primary intention of the law had been forgotten , e.g. the Vagrancy Acts of 1824 and 1838 .
60 ‘ No-one has been on this path for two days . ’
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