Example sentences of "[verb] be with " in BNC.

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61 Wooton , who has been with HCK for over six years , remains in place while terms of a settlement are agreed .
62 Yet , he still somehow manages to listen to virtually everything that 's sent in and retain the same enthusiasm for music that has been with him through his 23 years at Radio 1 .
63 ‘ The liaison has been with all of the functional groups within the computer centre : analysis and programming , operations , user services , communications and technical support and data preparation .
64 … atmospheric pollution has been with us since the creation ; it became much worse … with the Garden of Eden and infinitely worse following the mechanical ingenuity of James Watt .
65 She has been with Harlequin for 12 years , in the UK direct marketing division for six years , and latterly in charge of direct marketing in Australia .
66 He has been with LASMO since 1989 , first as executive chairman of LASMO North Sea , then joining the board of directors and , more recently in June 1992 , being appointed chief operating officer responsible for the day-to-day running of the group 's worldwide operations .
67 His first position was with the old Edinburgh Corporation as a trainee valuer and he has been with Lothian Regional Council since reorganisation in 1975 .
68 ‘ If I say we know your brother has been with you , then you can believe we do know .
69 ‘ And , ’ Claire continued , confirming her misgivings , ‘ his heart is tied up with a woman , one who has been with him for many years now . ’
70 He let his house in Chelsea furnished for the year , with the usual proviso that his own staff should remain to run it — he has a housekeeper who has been with him for years , and one daily maid .
71 It means you have to treat the first invoice as an error , and possible invoke the DOCTOR ( which has been with most Sage products for ages ) to correct things , and then go and do it right .
72 Daran [ 18 ] , a Youth Training Scheme trainee in the workshops at Lincoln Turbine Service , has been with the Company since April 1991 .
73 who has been with Enterprise Engineering Services since day one , made up a new section and welded it in with great success !
74 Ian has been with Wood-Way engineering for nine years , and was previously employed by Weir Pumps .
75 He has been with BP for 12 years .
76 Peter has been with BP for over 20 years , the last 5½ at Sullom Voe , latterly as production superintendent at the terminal .
77 Robin has been with the Group for 25 years , including service at Enoch Wedgwood , Barlaston and Coalport .
78 Ralph McFarlane from Pest control Leeds North has been with the company for over 21 years .
79 Jackie has been with the Company for the last four years and the Argos Service Manager Gwynne Davis ca n't speak highly enough of her work .
80 Barry has been with the division since 1976 .
81 Mr McGowan has been with the Library since 1971 , Keeper of Catalogues between 1978 and 1988 , and most recently Secretary of the Library .
82 It has been with us for the past 10 years .
83 It may seem as if it has been with us forever , but the ubiquitous American Express chargecard has , in fact , only been around for 35 years .
84 One new development in our educational work has been with schools and community organisations .
85 Paul has been with the council for years .
86 Before , it has been with blind faith only .
87 For the present let me put it on record that the main hold-up has been with me , in setting up the Journal for printing .
88 37426 was recently overhauled in Glasgow Eastfield and has been with Petroleum and Regional Railways .
89 He has been with JM since September 1981 when he joined as Administrative Assistant in the Group Staff Department at the former Head Office in Southgate , North London .
90 Prince , he said , ‘ has been with me from the commencement of my various works .
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