Example sentences of "[verb] be with " in BNC.

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31 Ruth , who qualified with Deloittes in 1977 and also spent three years as a journalist with Accountants Weekly , has been with the Institute for over 10 years .
32 Although he has been with the organisation since his teens , the appointment was revolutionary since Mr Newmarch was from the investment side of the business , rather than an actuary .
33 Such vision is an unusual attribute , but one which the artist maintains has been with him since a very young age .
34 George Phillips ( 56 ) is non-family but has been with Palatine for 16 years .
35 He has been with me ever since . ’
36 ‘ The old religion , Vi , has been with us as long as time and has nothing to do with the Church of Rome .
37 He has been with the police for 19 years , and has served at Colchester , Chelmsford , police HQ and for two years worked for Scotland Yard in conjunction with Interpol .
38 ‘ She has been with the Yorks for four years and has become very attached to the children .
39 ‘ Miss Sowerby , ’ Reid explained , ‘ has been with us for several years .
40 Born in 1896 , he joined Purdey 's in 1918 and has been with them ever since .
41 National Railway Museum Curator of Operations Ray Towell , who has been with ‘ City of Truro ’ during most of the current tour , commented : ‘ It 's been a hectic and very pleasant few weeks to date but the welcome we 've had everywhere has been magnificent .
42 ‘ He has been with me too , Brother , ’ Tundrish replied simply .
43 All this about Descartes 's doctrine that mind and matter are two causally-related substances , about the manna → gripings model for talk about the objects of perception , and about the empiricist doctrine about how language is meaningful , has been with a view to understanding why Locke could not acknowledge the existence of the epistemic appearances of objects .
44 Each new Brother electronic model has been with me very soon after its launch .
45 Victor Vince , the Company 's General Manager has been with the firm for the past twenty years , Victor served five years in the RAF as an Aircraft Electrician tending to the needs of Bomber Command 's Halifaxes and Lancasters .
46 Most of their work to date has been with blue-chip companies , but they have also handled assignments from leading merchant banks and fashion retail houses .
47 But she 's about forty and has been with the company ages . ’
48 Herrmann , a Wharton MBA who has been with Solbourne for the better part of a year , has a components background , having previously run Amphenol in Hong Kong .
49 Mr Katz has been with Dillons for nearly three years — at Hatfield and Kingston — before which he was export divisional manager of Aaronson Bros furniture business .
50 For example , a major preoccupation of sociologists has been with the cohesive effect of directive institutions through which power is exercised — the law , political systems , etc .
51 Her third main concern has been with the educational implications of her work , and here the influence of developmentalists such as Bruner is apparent .
52 Of course the phenomenological approach has been with us for a long time , and has been the primary source of evidence in the psychoanalytic tradition .
53 There is one who has been with us a long time — but then those are old maids of course .
54 Indeed , with the beginnings of credit unions in this country , one group that has shown considerable interest in this development has been this group of lenders whose business has been with poor people .
55 The manager in Paris is Stuart Walker , who has been with the company since 1970 .
56 Ms Macdougall , who has been with Hodder for three and a half years , was previously with Barrie & Jenkins and for 17 years at Secker , and has also run her own business .
57 The preoccupation in the past has been with the total size of the health service budget , how it is shared out at the macro level , and how much activity it funds .
58 Well we all know from our own history books that fire has been with us for a long long time has n't it ?
59 ‘ Hugh Beringar has been with us , I know how things stand .
60 She has been with Peter Cottingham , 44 , for five years .
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