Example sentences of "[verb] be with " in BNC.

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1 ‘ It should 've been with the batch of papers given .
2 There must 've been with erm in forty seven was it the encirclement campaign where they allowed the nationalists to sort of drive through the , I do n't know the defences , they must 've been fairly certain of their support in certain areas by then .
3 Think I should 've been with you .
4 He has been with ‘ our old friend ’ too long .
5 Norman Ricketts , who was only appointed to the Eagle board by Mr Stockdale last month , is relinquishing his non-executive role , as is Hamish Jansen , who has been with the group since formation and was a strong supporter of Mr Stockdale .
6 The 13 on the first leg stay with the boat , Smith said , and they will be joined by David Powys , who has been with the project from the beginning .
7 Chris Patrick , from Hertford , reckons the force of England 's batting has been with Chewbacca , the South African at Hampshire , who bears resemblance to Robin Smith , grunting goody in Star Wars .
8 Sally is 22 and has been with her current boyfriend for three years .
9 A personal bodyguard was assigned to her and has been with her day and night ever since .
10 It was refused , and by mid-January Grobbelaar , who has been with Liverpool for nine years , was again Dalglish 's first choice .
11 The report has been with the department 's accountants for more than three weeks as they check its factual accuracy .
12 ‘ The prospects at the moment look pretty good , ’ said Simmons , a bright and optimistic 28-year-old who has been with the AA seven years .
13 ‘ Do you mean to say that Mrs Ross 's daughter never left you and her children ? — that she has been with you all the time and is still your wife ? ’
14 God has been with his people throughout .
15 As in all things , you have a team which has been with you for many years ?
16 Hermanns has been with me for over twenty years ; he is the best recording engineer I know .
17 Instead , he was troubled at the start by a cold which has been with him since last week .
18 So it has been with other countries of immigration — the immigrants embraced a new nationality with , if the nationalist fictions are to be believed , unseemly eagerness .
19 Since the final Munro has been with you all the way along , it 's only here that you feel you are now finally making your way towards it and the conclusion of the walk .
20 Milton has lived in the same stable all the time he has been with the Whitakers .
21 But , while that event was the climax to date of Richard 's career with the Palace , he has been with us since his schoolboy days , for he is one of the products of the currently highly resourceful youth development programme at Selhurst Park , and his mature performances in defence earned Richard the Palace Young Player of the Year award in 1986 .
22 One occasionally has a glimpse of Green 's neighbours after he has been with them , or heard of their deaths , when he liked to write their obituaries .
23 One man who has been with science for many years now — and his experience certainly tells — is Mick Rhodes , whose new series of QED began last week .
24 Stephen has been with Clover Leaf since 1986 and is a full time-served apprentice and MoT tester .
25 He has been with us since yesterday .
26 Volvo , for example , has been with AMV since day one .
27 As many parents have discovered , the problem with disposable nappies up to now has been with that word ‘ disposable ’ .
28 The Bailie of the Secréte has been with them twice , and Podocataro , the lawyer . ’
29 The kitchen is the responsibility of Trevor Bains who has been with the hotel for three years .
30 Most of my contact with other musicians has been with other improvising musicians , and to get to work with one of the major American composers on something like that was fascinating .
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