Example sentences of "[verb] be of " in BNC.

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31 My experience over this past year has been of closed doors .
32 How texts achieve their effects has been of particular significance in the teaching of literature , including drama .
33 The government-run NORP is still in operation today , however the observation that this programme is not mentioned in much of the post-1985 literature on oral rehydration therapy in Bangladesh , suggests that it has been of limited value to the people of Bangladesh .
34 It has occurred to me to wonder what the previous experience has been of youngsters who savagely assault old people , whether they have ever been close to an old person .
35 Talk , though , has been of ‘ dozens of Hurricanes ’ with strong rumours of some examples still in their shipping crates !
36 I hope that this has been of some help if you were not too sure of which rib to use on what occasion .
37 There 's no doubt that the street-wisdom of the English forwards has been of huge value to them .
38 The work of Norman Shneidman has been of some value in highlighting the way in which sport in Soviet society is ‘ directed towards the all-round development of the human individual ’ ( 1979 , p.7 ) .
39 Much of the literature in this area has been of US origin , and the more general applicability of such managerial strategies to other countries needs , therefore , to be considered in the light of evidence from cross-national studies .
40 Gozitan wine is cheap but just recently has been of variable quality .
41 At present any member of the public can consult it all day long , all year round , and there is no doubt that it has been of invaluable help not only to scholars but also to the art trade .
42 The most exciting discovery this year has been of a very fine Umbrian crucifix of around 1250 hitherto completely concealed by mediocre seventeenth-century painting optimistically attributed to Titian in the nineteenth century .
43 Doctors have not always welcomed the establishment of computer systems in hospitals — computers have often proved difficult to use , and the information has been of more use to managers than to clinicians .
44 This has been because social psychology has had few ways of handling the macro-level political , economic and social change which has been of such great interest to sociologists .
45 Such success as it had from its first performance in 1936 onwards has been of the kind discouragingly dubbed as ‘ of esteem ’ .
46 The staple crop has for centuries been rice , and wet-rice agriculture has been of crucial significance in the evolution of Japanese society .
47 This ambiguity — not yet fully dispelled — has been of immense importance both to the international community and to Japan herself .
48 Contract law has been of major importance in underpinning the market , although other areas of law have also had a bearing .
49 Despite these difficulties , Foucault 's work has been of considerable influence in recent explorations of sexuality , and there are two areas which seem of particular significance .
50 The political moment — that period when moral attitudes are transformed into formally political action — can be of key importance in nuancing the regulation of sexuality , and at crucial times a moral schema has been of prime significance in political propaganda .
51 But one may also say , from the fact that this has needed to be discussed — and from the fact that , as I say , throughout the greater part of Christendom women have not been ordained — it would be difficult to argue that the fact that this religion has had at its centre a male figure has been of little significance .
52 In these various ways biblical criticism has been of use in interpreting the Old Testament and defending its integrity against those who question its truth .
53 The application of the spreading technique to oocytes has been of enormous benefit , just as in spermatocytes , in revealing intimate detail of pairing and other configurations at meiotic prophase .
54 Our talk has been of non-commuting observables or the Fourier analysis of wavepackets .
55 The development of CD-ROM techniques has been of particular significance for students of texts : classics students can search the complete database of ancient literature by using the IBYCUS implementation of the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae ; students of English can use the CD-ROM version of the Oxford English Dictionary to conduct searches which would take lifetimes if conducted on the twenty volumes of hard copy .
56 In Japan , the role of MITI has been of particular importance in vertically co-ordinating enterprises in the achievement of longer-term , macro-economic , industry-wide planning ( Dore , 1986 ) .
57 When she comes to Henry VIII in her History of England , she observes that ‘ nothing can be said in his vindication , but that his abolishing Religious Houses & leaving them to the ruinous depredations of time has been of infinite use to the landscape of England in general ’ .
58 Although in recent years total government capital spending has been of the order of £20 billion per annum , Brown and Jackson ( 1983 , p. 138 ) point out that this represents a real reduction of approximately one half over the past 20 years .
59 Whereas libertarian historians have devoted relatively little attention to this question , for the traditional liberal and Soviet schools it has been of vital importance .
60 The disruption which farmers and landowners have faced has been of a somewhat different kind : they have suffered a loss of their traditional authority over the village population which they once took virtually for granted .
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