Example sentences of "[verb] [is] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 The capital cost is to be financed from a local property tax .
32 I 'm never quite sure really to be honest whether these individuals had an interview with Jesus or Jesus had an interview with them , because whether they thought that Jesus or whether they thought they were doing the , the probing and the questioning really it was Jesus who was in charge of the interview , you may of watched er certain chat shows on the , on the television or heard them on the radio and er depending who the person being interviewed is , very often it actually changes , and its the interviewer who really is being put through it , its the , its the person who 's being interviewed is in charge of the situation and that was the case here Jesus .
33 The ability to observe is of far greater importance and is readily enhanced by practice .
34 Another simple rule to observe is to be careful not to crimp or squeeze the cable .
35 Others say that the resemblance one notices is between sensations , and that what one means when one says something is white is that a sensation one has on looking at it resembles a sensation one has had before and to which one gave the name ‘ sensation of white ’ .
36 Pascal captures the negative side when he writes , ‘ Doubt then is an unhappy state , but there is an indispensable duty to seek in doubt , and thus anyone who doubts and does not seek is at once unhappy and in the wrong . ’
37 Another low-cost way to draughtproof is with a DIY window insulation kit .
38 ‘ Responsibility is accepted in the preparation of this report for the skill and diligence reasonably to be expected of a competent surveyor and valuer but the information it contains is for the confidential information only of the clients for whom it is prepared and of any building society , bank or other lender to whom written application for a mortgage advance has been made or will be made within 28 days after the date of this report .
39 Although his letter does not deny that Chlothild had a part to play in Clovis 's conversion , nor that the king decided to accept baptism during a battle against the Alamans , in some respects the information it contains is at odds with Gregory 's account and , therefore , with the traditional interpretation of events .
40 You may be asked for a replacement photograph if the one you supply is of poor quality .
41 The longest follow up reported is by O'Sullivan .
42 referring to adjudication those cases where a client 's entitlement to benefit is in doubt ;
43 A picture as they say is worth a thousand words and so it was that on the afternoon unemployment broke through the three million barrier I chanced a glimpse of the private feelings of John Major .
44 They occur more commonly , and surgery is more frequently practised upon them ; but what I say is of equal relevance to female-to-male transsexuals .
45 And a good thing as I say is to just erm highlight the stuff that you want if you 've
46 This year 's ‘ local ’ booking they say is at Old Shildon Working Men 's Club on February 14 .
47 Anything you say is in absolute confidence . ’
48 Er I think we must remind ourselves that er this year 's as I say is by no means er generous and for that reason we 're not aiming higher , not because we would n't like to , but because we recognize the , the restrictions placed from elsewhere .
49 The solipsist is in the position of claiming that he has a language in which he describes his present and past experiences , and perhaps speculates about the future .
50 An inland walk I 've enjoyed is around a five mile route starting from Bosullow Common , south of Morvah , an area rich in prehistoric remains .
51 Building surveying is by definition a very technical skill .
52 What he writes is of interest because it shows his attitude to his illness , and to the importance of relieving the pressures of his illness .
53 If I were back at the A squared , I squared is minus one , so I 've got minus three squared , there 's two give me by I Equals minus thirty nine , now because those two complex numbers are the same are the same , so sixteen is E S squared minus three square , the imaginary grids are also the same , so minus thirty equals two , eight B.
54 Because there is this impasse between what the officers wanted to do and what the residents find acceptable the only way I can get this matter resolved is for the council to refer the possible closure to the committee so that the committee can consider all the facts er in the light of the advice of the officers erm and I therefore beg to move this .
55 The only way in which this ambiguity can be resolved is by appealing to higher levels of information such as syntax , semantics , pragmatics and general knowledge .
56 Recourse to stabbing is at least potentially more open to abuse .
57 ‘ The metal we used is from an old caravan roof which we bonded to the wood with Evostick , ’ explained Tony .
58 It 's a pity in a way that we did n't have this discussion before , because I do think it 's important and I think parties these days , goodness knows what we 're matching is to , should be a bit and they want more , sort of less than putting in less fifty percent .
59 Selection between factory and user presets is via the User/Preset button which illuminates the attendant LED .
60 Some questions which need to be addressed are what the overall quality of memory for driving is like , what types of detail can or can not be remembered , and what variables , both psychological and environmental , are related to memory ?
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